Sleeping Soundly At Home

As suspected it took me a few days to recover from last Monday’s trip to Los Angeles and short night’s sleep…Rudy didn’t seem to skip a beat!  Ha Ha  It’s kind of sad when your son with half a heart has more energy than you do.  🙂  Needless to say, I’ve had a quieter week trying to catch up on life here at home.  We typically don’t get the sleep study results for a few weeks so we need to wait a bit but I’m so relieved they were able to get a good stretch of data during the study that I can live with whatever the outcome may be.  I did, however, buy this floatie swimsuit for Rudy at WalMart on our way home from the hospital in faith that he’ll be able to swim in our pool this summer!!

Speaking of the pool, yesterday was the official opening of the 2012 swim season here at the Geylings!  The water is FREEZING but that didn’t stop the big kids from spending the afternoon engaged in swimming and pool-related activities!!  Even Rudy took a spin on the stand-up paddle (SUP) board…

credit to Greg Lawler for this one!

This next week is a full one with our monthly visit to the cardiologist and our consult with a urologist in town to discuss Rudy’s, shall we say, lopsided bits and pieces.  His undescended testie may require surgical intervention but we’re praying the “ball will drop” as our friend Kim so eloquently put it and all will be well down under for the sweet boy.  We’re looking forward to our annual tradition of hosting the kids’ teachers for dinner (we get to include Rudy’s teachers this year!!) and a dear friend’s wedding here in town.  I love weeks that are loaded with things to celebrate!!!  Thank you again, friends, for sharing in the celebrations and concerns of this journey with us.  We’ll update as soon as we hear anything about the sleep study results.  Blessings…

7 thoughts on “Sleeping Soundly At Home

  1. What?!?!? You invite your kids teachers to dinner!!! I suppose you have a theme and give them gift bags, too!! Trish you kill me!! By the way, how’s this work for Wilson…do you invite his homeroom teacher, have a lottery drawing among each of his teachers or do they all come?! If I didn’t know personally how inteliigent and gifted your kids are, I’d think you were lobbying for grades! You and Rolf never cease to amaze me…you are incredible!!

    1. Ha Ha Ha Big Bro…Well, the teacher dinner tradition does get complicated as the kids get into the upper grades. The boys get to pick one teacher…Max chose his performing arts teacher which is fun because she has kids that our kids have gotten to know during the last two spring musicals at the jr. high and Wilson opted out of inviting anyone now that he is in high school! So sad 😦 Rudy makes up for it, though, as he has 3 teachers we look forward to have join us this year! ‘Wish you could come too…:)

  2. Yes, that’s our daughter and son-in-law. They pack more fun into life than Abbott and Costello! Their happy and active home is amazingly organized and runs on all cyhlinders! Go for it, Geylings! I loved being with you recently. Love to all!

  3. Love the photos and the swim floatie for Rudy. When he gets to use it I am coming for a visit! Glad the sleep study itself went well so you will have faith/trust in the results whatever they may be. Here’s hoping they are very, very positive. Have a great teacher dinner and all your other great end of year activities. Sorry I missed you but glad I saw Rudy last visit. He is such a charmer.;-)

  4. I love the pool pix! We also had our first pool day, but since we do not have a pool of our own, the kids swam in Kourts pool. Love the teacher dinner idea but I think it;s too late top start that with Cameron is high school he’d opt out from the first year. Hope we’ll see Rudy IN the pool soon. Maybe even a trip down here to see all of your SD friends sometime this year. (((Hugs))) Always praying for you all.

  5. COOL PHOTOS! Rudy looks like a natural! Sorry I didn’t see you this LA visit… but glad we visited last time. Keeping you guys in prayer for good results from the sleep study. xo Lisa

  6. May I apply for transfer to your family? I think I would fit in better at your house. That and you guys seem to have SOOO MUCH fun.!

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