On the Eve of Sleep Study #3

Grandma Jo headed back home to Kansas yesterday and I have today (Sunday) to catch up on some paperwork and pack for Rudy’s and my trip to L.A. bright and early tomorrow.  Rudy has an appointment with pulmonology at UCLA tomorrow morning and then his sleep study at CHLA Monday night so we plan to make a day of it and hang out with some friends in between!  🙂  It will be a long day but my goal is to keep Rudy up and active ALL DAY so he’ll be too exhausted to fight the sleep study.  I don’t know, though, we may be fighting the grumpies with Rudy all week even without the sleep study since he’ll be going through “grandparent withdrawal”!  With Oma & Opa and Grandma’s visits happening back-to-back, Rudy has had the luxury of non-stop grandparent attention for the last few weeks!  This won’t be an easy week for him going cold-turkey and all.  🙂  To add insult to injury, our poor little guy gets to add another specialist to his long list…Rudy’s pediatrician feels there may be a little problem (nothing serious but could require surgery) with his bits and pieces and wants us to take him to see a urologist.  I’ll call to get that appointment on the books when we return from Los Angeles…for now, our focus is Rudy’s third attempt at the sleep study.  Please pray he’ll cooperate tomorrow night and the findings will be clear.  Our hope is that the sleep study results will show he is not dependent on his trach and therefore ready to wean off of it.  It seems to us that this is the case but there was some question last time as to whether or not Rudy was expelling enough carbon dioxide so we hope these intricate measurements are able to be captured and we’re left with no questions.  We’ll keep you posted and we thank you for your continued prayers for these tedious details.  Continuing on in this journey…one day at a time.

Saying "goodbye" to Gma Jo!


Some last minute "Rudy-love"...


17 thoughts on “On the Eve of Sleep Study #3

  1. Love, love love those pictures!!!! Prayers for a successful sleep study…..oh to be rid of that row of O2 cans, eh?? Mommy, “What are bits and pieces?” Isn’t that the last straw?…..(I guess there’s no such thing as a “last straw” when there’s love….)

    Love yous!!!

  2. Hope all goes well tomorrow. I will be at UCLA for an appointment at 1000 so I will call when I am done. Hope there is some way to see you. Love all the pix.

  3. Praying for you and Rudy as you head down to LA! Hope it’s fun and exhausting in a good way! Miss you.

  4. Best wishes for Rudy to have a successful outcome from his sleep study this time. As the saying goes, the third time is always a charm or somthing like that. I’ll be thinking of him and keeping him in my prayers. Lots of luck having him stay awake all day without nap(s) tomorrow….. : )

  5. Yes, I remember THAT particular sleep study very well. Stressfull and prayerful, and a tad crosseyed! Who can sleep with all those probes plugged into your head? It’s crazy!! Hang in there Rudy and Mom, we are waiting to hear all that our grascious God has in store for you! Peace, Crista Fisher

  6. Praying now so i won’t forget! Dear Father, may ‘our’ boy sleep beautifully for the sleep study… and may Trish sleep well, too! Amen.

  7. Praying all goes well today and tonight and you get grreat results from the study. Love all the new pix. Wilson sure is tall these days. (((Hugs)))

  8. Wearing Rudy blue for all-day prayer reminder! Lord let him sleep deeply and peacefully. Amen!
    xoxo Michele

  9. Praying for good results for Rudy and endurance for you as you continue to walk this challenging road!

  10. Hi Rudy from “JoJo”. Be a cooperative boy tonight and let’s do away with these sleep studies! Here’s to a great result and “bye bye” to that trach and hello to swim lessons! I know a great life guard and she lives at your house! Among her many talents your Mom is a qualified life guard. Loove and prayers to all …….

  11. I will pray the the sleep study gives you the results you need. I would LOVE to see Rudy lose the trach. I am sure you would too.

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