Cath Follow Up

Thanks for all the funny and helpful comments about Rudy’s foot…we watched Toe-cephus carefully all weekend and got Rudy in to see the pediatrician yesterday.  As we suspected, it appeared to Dr. Abbott Sr. to be a pressure wound from the IV wrap.  He didn’t suspect it was infected but took a culture sample just to make sure.  It looks ugly but it’s on the mend.


We saw Dr. Harake today for a follow-up to the cath.  He did an echo and we discussed Dr. Dan’s notes from the cath lab.  Dr. Harake explained again that there are several variables that all need to show improvement before Rudy would be considered for the Glenn…variables that include pulmonary pressures, ventricle function, lung ventilation, etc.  Although all the variables are not yet aligned, we are slowly seeing improvement in most of them so our patience is paying off.  One thing that is for sure in the meantime is the need to coil as many of the remaining collateral veins as is possible.   We’ll give Rudy time to recuperate from this procedure  but Dr. Harake feels we should get the next cath on the calendar within the next several months for a marathon collateral coiling.  He also feels that now that the Sano Shunt is opened up, there isn’t the need to stent the aorta at this time.  There is greater risk in stenting the aorta than not at this point so we’ll wait.

So, with it being spring break here, we’ll rest up and lay low the rest of this week.  Oma and Opa left yesterday and the big kids are off in all different directions having fun so Rudy is a little lonely.  Luckily Grandma Jo is next on the list to visit us next week so he’ll soon have the undivided attention of a grandparent again.  Ha Ha

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.  We’re still feeling scattered but grateful.  Happy Spring Everybody!!!

Toe-cephus on the mend


Rudy teaching Oma and Opa how to use an IPad


7 thoughts on “Cath Follow Up

  1. Toe-cephus looks horrendous. He needs a new name now. Like Bruiser, or Mac, or Beelzebubs or something. Toe-cephus is just too cute a name for the recent metamorphosis.

  2. So good to see pictures of Oma and Opa but made me miss them more than ever! They are looking great! Prayers for all of you!

  3. Good to know what caused the blister and that it is healing. You are a tough little guy, Rudy. So nice to see your picture with Oma and Opa. Uncle Rick tells me “technology is your friend” so maybe you can show me, too. I just conquered email! Love to all!

  4. Love the pictures with Oma and Opa and the bubbas too!
    Coiling sounds nasty……you all are so courageous!!! Love you!

  5. Grandparents are just wonderful. Rudy, you are a lucky young man to know all of them ! I think “rest” is the order for the week !
    Blessings and love
    Betty and Mike

  6. Glad to know things are improving. Slow but sure the little guy is growing in all ways. Hope to see you before future caths. Love the pics with grandparents. Rudy is quite the teacher!

  7. Prayers and many more blessings to all of you!!! What a tough family. I know it sounds redundant, but you really have been and are a true inspiration!!. Lots of love!!! You know, if I ever have a heart-related issue, I’ll skip the doctor and just ask you, Rolf & Trish!! I’d rather pay you! LOL!

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