A New Year Begins…

FINALLY!  We’re back online…our internet connection has been down for the past 5 days and you don’t realize how much you depend on the internet until it’s gone!!! 🙂  I missed wishing all you dear hearts a very happy new year so let me be the last to say “Happy New Year!!”.

We had a low key but wonderful second week of break which included some good progress on the kitchen remodel thanks to Rolf, a visit to the movie theater, the zoo and a trip for Max and Rolf to Arizona to see Stanford play in the Fiesta Bowl!   The kids are all back in school today, all the Christmas decorations (except for the Christmas tree) are packed away for next year and it’s time to look ahead at what’s to come after a glorious break from regular life.

“Regular life” in the Geyling household includes 10 doctor appointments this month alone!!!  Not a string of routine appointments I’m looking forward to but it’s almost easier to just pile it all on at once and then be done with it for a few weeks.  We head down to UCLA on Monday to see the pulmonologist and hopefully get an update on the next sleep study plan so we can move forward on weaning Rudy from his trach this year.  We also see Dr. Harake next week and possibly finalize a date for Rudy’s next heart cath.  It’s currently slated for March but if Dr. Harake feels Rudy needs a stent, he may shoot for an earlier date.  Either way it will be good to check in with Dr. Harake and see where we stand.

In general, Rudy seems to be doing very well.  He’s currently fighting a little cold but nothing too debilitating and he’s happy.  In fact, he has been more affectionate and physical lately.  Rudy is alot of wonderful things but he is definitely NOT a cuddle-bug.  He never did like to be cradled and he doesn’t like a long embrace unless it’s in the form of wrestling with his dad and brothers!  Ha  He won’t snuggle with you on the couch for very long and he’s most comforted by being alone in his crib when he’s upset or hurt.  Because of this, he surprised me a few times this week when he initiated the cutest “lion-cub” type hugs.  I’m not sure if its a developmental thing or just a fun new “trick” he’s discovered but it sure is cute…I hope he keeps it up.

Rudy had some great moments with the big sibs over the holidays too and every one I witnessed made my heart swell.  I’m just so impressed by the big kids’ ability to include Rudy in their day so effortlessly whether it’s as simple as stopping to acknowledge him in his day crib with a goofy game of peek-a-boo when they walk through the room or as intentional as gearing him up for a bike ride in the cul-de-sac.  I’m also struck by how much Rudy is on their minds when they aren’t with him.  Max, Olivia and I went to see the movie “We Bought A Zoo” (a very cute movie, btw) last week while Rudy stayed home with Wilson.  I sat between Max and Olivia and half way through the movie Olivia leaned over and whispered in my ear “Rudy would love living with all those animals”.  She’s right.  And then at the end of the movie there’s a scene where the zoo visitors have to climb over a fallen tree to get to the entrance and Max leaned over to whisper in my other ear “Rudy wouldn’t be able to get past that tree to the zoo”!  He’s right.  I hear the kids verbalize observations in relation to Rudy quite a bit and I’m so grateful for that.  I’m sure we’ve said this before on Rudy’s Beat but I really am profoundly blessed by the many ways the big sibs have embraced Rudy.  It makes my heart literally BURST with both pride and worry all at the same time.   What would it mean for the big kids if Rudy didn’t survive?  I try not to go there very often but it’s hard not to worry about such things.

Well, before we shift gears into 2012 completely, here’s one last look at the end of our 2011…

Rudy in his handsome new "Oma" sweater.

One of the highlights of 2011 for Olivia was catching her first waves surfing!

August 2011

One of the highlights of her entire life was getting a package from Lakey Peterson two days before Christmas which included this autograph picture and USA surf team cap!!!  My oh my, you should have seen the look on Livy’s face when she realized who the package was from as she is a really big fan!  We’re not quite sure how this connection was made but we have a feeling we owe our friend Monte a BIG thank you!  If you don’t know who Lakey is, you can check out this link but, more importantly to know, she’s the granddaughter of Herb Peterson.  Who’s Herb Peterson you ask?  Well, he was the one time owner of the Santa Barbara area McDonalds and  inventor of the Egg McMuffin of course!!  It just so happens that he’s remembered every year on his birthday JANUARY 5th with $1 egg mcmuffins so you know where I’ll be tomorrow morning!!  Ha Ha

As described by Olivia, one of the best things she's ever received for Christmas!
I've been going to the Santa Barbara Zoo for over 4 years and this is the first time I've seen the snow leopard "out and about"!!! Very exciting.
Rudy and gal pal Stella...
Sadly, she's more interested in Rudy's toys at this moment but he is undeterred in his rare pursuit of a hug.
Some New Year love from Wilson!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Welcome 2012!
We still love the Cardinal, but are still hurting from the missed field goal...

And so we say goodbye to  2011 and I pray, as we stand at the threshold of 2012, for God’s continued grace and peace for us all!  None of us know what 2012 will bring but I’m grateful none of us need to walk it alone.  Great blessings dear friends…thank you for all the blog comments of 2011…we read and are encouraged by each one!  Happy 2012!!

11 thoughts on “A New Year Begins…

  1. If Rudy can capture the heart of a total stranger, I can only imagine how he has captured his sibling hearts.
    Big kudos to you and Rolf on raising such loving children!
    Very impressive Olivia… being raised in La Jolla, CA. I just love surfer girls 😉

  2. Happy New Year to one of our favorite families! Everywhere you go, you are bringing joy and love….we love you!

  3. What a wonderful New Year holiday and such cute pictures. Rudy is looking quite the big boy lately. All of the kids are growing so fast! Hoping for great results this coming month and all the doctor visits.

  4. Whew! You were only off the grid! I was worried the Geylings were all down with some horrid flu or something. Thanks for the update. Much love to you all. Michele & Bob
    Happy NEW YEAR!

  5. Welcome back. We all awaited our “blog fix!”. Good to get all the latest pictures and news. Love the pictures of all of your happy faces God has been good to us this past year and I pray for a safe and great 2012. My love to all.

  6. Watched the whole game and couldn’t believe Stanford lost. We grieve with you.
    Bobby And Marilyn Clinton

  7. Well, you should be very proud of your kids because they are great! I’m sure that they are a reflection of the love they receive in your home! What a little man Rudy is becoming!

  8. While I would not wish Rudy’s trial on any other family, the love and mautrity showed by the big sibs is something very rare and beautiful. My very spoiled only child could really learn a thing or three thousand from your lovely family. I know you are concerned should Rudy not survive (and we all pray that does not happen) but if it should you will have made fantastic memories for all the family and the big sibs will be that much stronger and better for themselves and the world because of the joys they have shared with and because of Rudy. Such a beautiful boy and his family we are all richer for him and for you!

  9. Wow! Rudy sure has grown! Thanks for the card! Sure wish I
    could have seen you in Kansas! Sounds like you had a great
    time….miss you!

  10. Rudy is such a big it! And what a beautiful family the Geyling family is! God bless you now and throughout 2012! Much love, Lisa and the boys

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