Christmas 2011

Ahhhh…and so it’s over!  Just like that (snap!) Christmas has come and gone…the kids are busy playing, Rolf is back in the kitchen making progress on the remodel project and I’m procrastinating on the pile of laundry and dishes that need to be washed.

Ours was a unique Christmas but when all was said and done last night, all agreed it was AWESOME!  Santa knew our Christmas day would be a bit full with church in the am and the annual Turkey Bowling competition at the rescue mission in the afternoon and was kind enough to drop off our gifts on Christmas Eve so we could have a relaxed celebration that evening.  Rudy had no idea what was going on but literally beamed with joy watching the big kids in all their excitement.  All the excitement ended up being too much and Rudy fell asleep before he opened his gifts! Ha

Christmas Eve
Joy multiplied a couple of times...

We were awakened at 3am by the annoying (but very helpful) alarm on Rudy’s oxygen concentrator when the power went out.  Thinking it would be a short outage, Rolf got Rudy hooked up to his portable oxygen tanks and the little monkey slept soundly through it all.  We were surprised to wake the next morning to a very cold house and still no electricity.  As it turned out, there was a car accident that took out a transformer in our neighborhood and it was going to take several more hours to get electricity back to 250 homes in the area.  Thanks to the Lawlers, Rolf got his morning coffee and we got ourselves ready for church.  Things warmed up comfortably by mid-morning and we were blessed with yet another gorgeous sunny day!

With no electricity and no donut table at church, our first order of business after church was to find food.  The only place open in our neighborhood was Carl’s Jr so (surprise, surprise!) the Geylings had fast food for lunch!  The big kids were willing to make the most of it until they realized they couldn’t play with the majority of there new Christmas gifts when we got home because most everything required electricity!!!  🙂  Aw, bummer!!  The afternoon was a bit disappointing for everyone but just as we were loading up the car to head to the rescue mission (and, coincidentally, after the kids took Christmas cookies to the Edison workers with our neighbor Jannele) the electricity came back on! Yeah!  The kids would have preferred to stay home at this point but we promised they’d have full access to all their electricity-powered fun as soon as we got home…and so we were off!

Yum, yum!
Christmas nap on the way to the mission

Rolf established the Christmas Day Turkey Bowling tradition at the rescue mission a few years ago and it has garnered quite a reputation.  This year’s edition sure lived up to that reputation…you gotta see it to believe it…

Rudy's turn with the turkey!

And so it was…an unconventional Christmas but a memorable one.  We trust yours was too (memorable, that is) and that this next week between holidays will be filled with more holiday fun.  Bless you friends!

8 thoughts on “Christmas 2011

  1. What a fun tradition!! Turkey soup at the Mission today? Rudy you don’t miss a thing your fun family tries do you? Just know that this is not a national tradition…ok ? You are experiencing more in your 3 years than most kids ever do. Keep on having fun in the New Year.

  2. Trish…. the Turkey bowling is hilarious!!! What memories you are creating for your kids. Thanks for sharing. So fun to “walk along” with you via web.
    Jo Saraceno

  3. Believe it or not, Joyce, we EAT them!!! Nothing goes to waste at the rescue mission and they make the most tender bird you’ve ever eaten! Ha Ha Yum, yum…

  4. Loved the Rudy bowling video….maybe Turkey Bowling should come to the Bear Club next year!! Luv, Christy

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