Long time, No post

Oh my, two weeks+ have passed since Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve is exactly two weeks from tonight!  As is to be expected this time of year, each day is filled to the brim and the season is racing by.  The Wednesday after Thanksgiving, Olivia and I flew to Kansas to help my mom celebrate her 80th birthday on December 1st.  Rolf’s mom flew in from Alabama the same day to help take care of Rudy in my absence and it worked out for Livy and I to give her a quick hug in the airport as she arrived and we departed!  Ha Ha  Olivia and I had a wonderful long “girls” weekend with Grandma Jo doing and eating whatever we wanted!  The rest of the family had a marathon weekend with Wilson’s Jazz performance at school and marching band gig in the Santa Barbara Holiday parade & Max’s theater arts class performance of “Got Broadway” at his school.  Rudy managed all the craziness at home well and passed on going to all the activities involving applause!  ha ha  He is, however, enjoying other holiday sights and sounds…especially Christmas music and the bright lights on the Christmas tree!  Rudy’s enthusiasm and energy is a joy to watch and he’s certainly taking his cues from the big kids!

Rudy is battling relentless congestion but he has been able to keep up with his therapy and school schedule.  He is officially going to school “by himself” with the help of Nurse Marie and is adjusting very well.  The loud bus ride is a bit distressing for him but once he gets to school, he is happy and motivated to learn.  We’ve noticed a huge leap in his desire to verbalize and he is now saying two-word sentences such as “Hi Mama” and “All done”.  It’s pretty thrilling and no matter how often he proudly repeats himself, it doesn’t get old!  He’s even starting to “sing” a bit by inserting key words into songs.  SO FUN!  As always, it’s just so much more fun to show you rather than tell you about it…so sit back–this may take awhile…

Our last meal in the old kitchen...Wiener Schnitzel! The construction is now in full swing!

And Rudy’s last bath in the old sink…

Rudy helping me mail a wagon full of our Christmas packages at the post office the Monday after Thanksgiving...we endured searing looks from the line of customers behind us! Ha
Rudy with Nurse Marie
Big Boy Rudy off to school without Mama!

I’ll never tire of hearing this…

Happy 80th Grandma Jo!

Singing with Mama…

Drumming with Daddy…

And playing with Maxo…

It's also that time of year for posed family pics...here are a few from our family photo session...
Something was awfully funny!
The Mod Squad
Rudy with his personal photog, Greg
Christmas greetings, laughter and love from the Geylings!

11 thoughts on “Long time, No post

  1. So great to hear about Rudy’s progress in speech….and how he’s enjoying the Christmas sight and sounds! I thought about you so much today as we decorated….so many decor gifts from the Geyling Gang! You guys are something else!
    Kisses to Rudy!

  2. Shoot, I didn’t realize just what a Rudy’s Beat Addict I have become. I am sure I can get help for this situation. I understand that admitting it is my first step… But If longing for Rudy Videos is wrong, I don’t want to be right. THANK YOU Geyling family for letting us have a window into your world. Love you all so much.
    Merry Christmas! Michele

  3. Thank you, Rolf and Trish for your continual updates. As always, Rudy is in our hearts and prayers. I loved your family photos, beautiful. You are such a joy filled and faith filled family. Miss you down here at CA.

    Love,mary robin and family

  4. Thanks for the Rudys Beat FIX! I’ve been waiting not so patiently, screaming at my browser each time that Thanksgiving post came up. No pressure to post, Trish or Rolf. I can handle it!

    Love the pics and the videos. Especially like that Jayhawk t-shirt Max!! But most of all, I just love the Geylings! You all are my heroes!!

  5. Oh, my. This post is the PERFECT Advent gift. Thank you so much. I love, love, LOVE seeing how Rudy is developing, how he interacts with all of you with so much love. And some pretty mean licks on the drum, too. Just gorgeous to read and to see and to HEAR. Go, Rudy! Have a very Merry Christmas, Geylings!

  6. Thanks for the post, videos and photos. Boy… my nieces and nephews would love to write all over the walls in the kitchen! I hope it won’t be hard for Rudy to readjust to “no writing on the walls” when the new kitchen is done…. “What do you mean I’m not supposed to write on the wall??? What is paper?” 🙂

    Glad you had fun with Grandma Jo (Happy 80th!!)

    Blessings to you all…..
    Jo Saraceno

  7. Such a beautiful family, inside and out. I’m so thankful we get to keep tabs with you each Sunday, but love “Rudy’s Beat” and the pictures of family activities and videos. You are each such a blessing. I especially enjoy when your family is represented on the platform on Sunday mornings. Really enjoyed both boys playing their hearts out and Wilson’s song. We are so blessed to have you as part of our family. love, Loretta

  8. What treasured memories — each one a garland of love around your hearts. May the Lord continue to bless and enrich your family!
    Love, Nan

  9. YOU HAVE THE CUTEST FAMILY EVER. Seriously, those fam pics could be ads for Land’s End or some other classy family establishment. Rudy has grown so much since August! Love y’all big time. 🙂

  10. I am so happy that Rudy is progressing so well. You have a great family. Thank you for keeping me posted. Prayers every night and am for you and your family. Christmas Blessings Janet Schafer, Chesapeake, Va

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