Ever Thankful!

It’s 11:58pm on Thursday which means we’re not too late in wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!  🙂  We just rolled in from a fun day with dear friends and our hearts are full as we stop and reflect on things for which we are thankful.  I feel like this blog is one big Thanksgiving post as we’ve learned in this journey to never take for granted the things that mean the most to us but there is definitely something special about today and we trust you shared in a wonderful celebration of your own.

Rudy saw Dr. Harake on Monday for his regular appointment.  Nothing has changed…Rudy’s heart function remains the same and his aorta is still narrow even after his angioplasty in September so the next step will be a stent.  The plan for now is to schedule his next heart cath in March to coil a grip of collaterals  but Dr. Harake is going to talk with Dr. Dan about the possibility of bumping it up earlier to get that stent put in.  So, we’ll continue to stand by.

As if life isn’t chaotic enough, we’ve decided to do the long-awaited kitchen remodel we’ve put off for the past 3 years.  A kitchen remodel during the holidays isn’t the most practical choice on many levels but there sure are a lot of great appliance deals and added incentives this time of year so maybe the headache of a Christmas without a working kitchen will work to our advantage!  Ha Ha  In preparation for the Thanksgiving demolition this weekend, the kids were unleashed in the kitchen with Sharpies…


And, of course, Rolf was unleashed too…



In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, the kids added things they are thankful for…








We’re definitely committed to the kitchen remodel now!!  Ha Ha  Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Happy Holidays OFFICIALLY!!!

13 thoughts on “Ever Thankful!

  1. Absolutely precious! What wonderful memories your family just left there. When we remodelled, we wrote Bible verses on the wood before they put the wallboard up, so they will always be there. Have a great time with the remodel! ha ha.

  2. Never a good time for a remodel–go for it! But you might want to save some of that priceless “artwork” for the future. Happy Thanksgiving season to you and your family!

  3. I couldn’t help but giggle imagining Rudy in the corner with his Sharpie AFTER the kitchen remodel, drawing on the new appliances thinking it will make you happy. 🙂

    Remodels can be so much fun, because you have a good excuse to eat out and not do dishes.
    Happy Holidays

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to the Geylings! I love the blog and hearing all the family adventures. I was thinking exactly what Cici said about Rudy AFTER the remodel. But if it happens, I know you will just be thankful he continues to grow and take on great new art projects;-) What an adventuresome family! Enjoy and be blessed through ALL the holidays and beyond.

  5. You’re killin’ me! Whenever my folks re-papered the kitchen, we all wrote on the walls, too! And when they’d strip it off, we would find things we had written years before! What a treasure to see you all indulging in this wonderful process. I LOVE Livvy’s family portrait!

    Love you guys, we are thankful for all of you.
    Michele & Bob 🙂

  6. Hey!!! Can I come up with my sharpie!!!! Man…. I missed out on the writing on the wall! Actually…. if I remember correctly…. I believe I wrote on the wall in my childhood home …. it’s under the current wall paper!!!
    Had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends… glad you did, too!
    Hugs all ’round to the Geyling family! xoxo Jo

  7. Okay, these are the “before” pictures. I look forward to the “after” pictures. I know it will be beautiful. Thanks, Rolf, for your expertise and willingness to take on this project. I am so proud of you!

  8. Love it!

    but if – for some strange reason – you decide not to do the remodel you can advertise it as an ‘art happening’ and charge admission….
    Linda H

  9. Merry Christmas and a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I personally think y’all should just leave the kitchen the way it is. It’s Modern Art…

  10. I so want to write all over the kitchen! That is awesome! You guys are so fun. And nutty! No kitchen, for how long!?

  11. Our kids went nuts with sharpies too when we redid the kitchen. It’s also a great idea before putting in new flooring to write your favorite bible versus on the cement. Then you will literally be a family that is standing on the Word of God. BTW, all your kids are darling ;0)

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