“School Days, School Days”

Rudy had another full day today…it started out with his OT and PT therapy at the CCS Clinic this morning.  Tuesdays are particularly fun at therapy because we get to say “hi” to our sweet friend Gwendolyn (who gave him the CUTEST birthday present EVER…stay tuned!)  After therapy, we had a quick lunch break at home and then we were off to Rudy’s first day of school.  It was pretty special and nothing captures it more than a few pictures…

Rudy's first day of school couldn't have been a prettier day.
Clearly, this school was meant to be Rudy's...check out the sign's advertised fundraiser at McDonalds!!!
A nice welcome from Teacher Christy and fellow classmate...
Getting acquainted
Deciding what to do next...
So much fun to be had...
Saying goodbye to Daddy.
"Bye, Bye Daddy and personal papparazzo Greg"
Some table-time with an IPad...Rudy really likes the IPad!
All gathered for circle time.
Rudy was focused and really liked Teacher Christy's story.

Rudy enjoyed playground time too!


Rudy lasted all three hours and had a real positive first day.  We’ll go again on Thursday and possibly try 3 days next week.  The County Education Office is still working on hiring an LVN and arranging bus transportation so I’ll continue to accompany Rudy for the time being.


I promised Olivia a trip to Lane Farms after school to buy a pumpkin so we ended the day with a quick trip to their pumpkin patch…Rudy wasn’t particularly impressed but he did have a pretty long day. 🙂


Livy chose a good one!


School….pumpkin patch…farm animals…Fall is officially here!  Happy Fall dear friends…

19 thoughts on ““School Days, School Days”

  1. Are you kidding me??!!! I want to go to that school. It looks like an incredibly loving and nurturing environment…wow. And he looked so happy!!!!
    and I love Livy’s pumpkin…
    and yes! Fundraisers at McDonalds!!!!

  2. “A far cry” from my first day of school in the same rural school that Grandpa Clint attended, then your Uncle Jack and I when we were enrolled a generation later . We walked across the pasture and a plowed field to get to our two-room schoolhouse! Fast forward to you and an IPad. Wow, Rudy, you are going to love school.

  3. I like how Rudy is chillin’ with his leg crossed in the “circle” pic. What a big boy!

    Most excellent pumpkin choice, Livvy!

  4. Seeing these pictures and Rudy’s kiss to his Daddy, brought tears to my eyes. What a joy to behold. AND NO TRACH!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing this accomplishment.

  5. The most precious student! Thank you for sharing Rudy’s first day at school with us–it’s so special. I’m just sitting here crying because I’m so proud of him!

  6. Too precious for words! The school also happens to be only a few blocks from McDonalds, Carls Jr, and Jack in the Box! Get your grub on sista!

  7. Wow! These pictures do capter it all! How wonderful that Rudy can have such a perfect place to learn and grow!

  8. Way to go Rudy! What stamina you have (or is it you just can’t stop when everything is so much fun?)!! At least Mom must have needed a nap. OXOXO Kris

  9. Wow! Looks like an amazing first day!
    He looks like such a big boy in all of those pictures. Wishing him much fun and learning at school. Yeah Rudy!

  10. So exciting! It looks like he’ll have lots of fun. Pumpkin picking is an excellent career choice for Livy. Lots of money in it too.

  11. How wonderful! Brought tears to my eyes. If you guys lived here Livy could have picked a pumpkin in my back yard. Got 18 this year. Camp Grandma and Grandpa is this week-end so the grandkids will get their pick.

  12. Beautiful pumpkin Livy!
    Congrats on your first day of school and yes it looked gorgeous over there.
    Greg, great shots.
    Peace, Out.

  13. What a fun, bright and stimulating classroom that looks like! I bet he will love it! He sure looks ready for it! Thanks for giving us a birds’ eye view of this wonderful milestone!

    And Livy, your pumpkin is gorgeous…for a gorgeous girl!

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