Heart Walk 2011

Yesterday’s Heart Walk was another special memory maker.  A fun group of friends gathered at Fess Parker’s resort to walk with us, the “Team Rudy” tent had a great view of the ocean and the weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous.  All were happy and had a fun time except, of course, the birthday boy!!  Last year, Rudy slept through the whole thing.  This year, Rudy was set off by the cheering crowds at the start of the walk and didn’t really settle down at all until we finally got him to the tent (after about 2 1/2 miles), stripped him down to his diaper and laid him flat on a comfy blanket on the grass.  Leave it to mom to plan a birthday celebration in the midst of 700 enthusiastic Heart Walk participants for a little half-heart who doesn’t like crowds!  Ha Ha  Oh well, after a quick nap, Rudy woke up happy and enjoyed the quieter celebration with friends who lingered awhile after the walk.

All set up and ready to go!
The "Moms with Heart" table...raising awareness as well as funds 🙂
Rudy BEFORE his meltdown!
A strong "Team Rudy" presence at the Opening Ceremony
Rolf the "Passion Speaker"
Team Rudy!
Rudy's SB cardiologist Dr. Harake and Dr. Soffici who first discovered Rudy's HLHS in a routine ultrasound.
Rudy and some of the Dos Pueblos cheerleaders--including our neighbor Stacy (front and center)!
An enthusiastic start for all of us...
...except Rudy!
Wilson and Mama trying to cheer Rudy up!
Meeting up with Max, Olivia and friends at the halfway mark--for them, it's more of a heartrun than a heartwalk.
Rudy's Tribute Sign
Ahhhhh, Rudy finally found a comfortable spot...
...with gal pal Stella!
Happy Birthday Big Boy
A day to celebrate!
Hopeful...ever hopeful.

Thanks to so many of you, Team Rudy was ranked the #1 “Mom’s with Heart” fundraising team with a total of $10,486.00!  Amazing!!  Thank you all for your donations and prayers.  Now it’s time to start another week that includes our first appointment with Dr. Woo (Rudy’s new pulmonologist) at UCLA bright and early tomorrow morning and the start of preschool on Tuesday!  ‘Lots coming up…stay tuned 🙂

P.S.  Thanks, Greg, for capturing the day in your trademark great pics!

9 thoughts on “Heart Walk 2011

  1. Another successful event! Congratulations, Team Rudy! These pictures brought back fond memories of last year when I was able to be with you. Okay, Rudy, I think next year you should ride on a hay wagon where you could lay down. That would lull you to sleep in no time.

  2. Great job team Rudy. Thank you, Lord for such a beautiful day!Olivia, thank you for the bookmark… it is fabulous. I think your Grandma Jo’s hay wagon idea is a good one. Blessings.

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