Heart Walk Eve

It’s Friday night and we’re all getting ready to hit the hay a little early but many have asked if Rudy got to go to school on Thursday so I wanted to post a quick update.  Although Rudy sounds and looks much better today, he was still quite junky yesterday and so we had to keep him home from school again.  He took advantage of another day off and had a nice, long nap.  I imagine we’ll have a green light to go on Tuesday so stay tuned… 🙂


Rudy went with me to church this morning to help me prep for Sunday’s worship…Wilson better watch out, it looks like Rudy may want his gig:

We hope to be up and out of here early tomorrow morning to set up our “Team Rudy” tent along the Heart Walk route.  We’re all looking forward to a special day tomorrow.  We’ll be sure to post a fun recap of the Heart Walk asap.  Happy walking friends!

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