Birthday Eve

And so the birthday celebration began this afternoon with a visit from Paul who came bearing bday greetings from Tiffany & Co! They are always so sweet to remember Rudy – their “Tiffany Soldier”! Max and Rolf have an early call in the am for football and the rest of us will head over to the ranch to finish up set up for the Bayou! ‘Such a BIG day!!! Happy Birthday Eve Rudy…we sure are thrilled to celebrate you.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Eve

  1. Happy Birthday, Rudster! I can’t believe how big and tall you are! I love you and your family! XOXO, Kelly

  2. Hi honey, It looks as if Wilson got my job from last year’s SBRM event. It is a beautiful setting and lots of activity. I know you enjoyed it with all of the hustle and bustle that goes on in preparation. You are still the “STAR” of all events. Love to all………Grandma Jo

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