Positive Update

We ate breakfast looking at the little buzzer-thingy. We went outside and kept a close eye on the buzzer-thingy. Dr. Rick paid us a visit which made it not as hard to keep staring at the buzzer-thingy.

At 11:15 we got a call from the cath lab and Dr Dan and Dr Harake reported that all the numbers are improved. They’ll give a full update later–not that status has changed remarkably, but things are headed in the right direction. They have found some collaterals they want to coil so they’ll be doing that for the next hour.

They were glad to call us with a more upbeat report and it feels surreal to get something other than bad news from a cath lab.

Getting some lunch so we can be ready to go see Rudy.

6 thoughts on “Positive Update

  1. What a good report to receive. Good boy, Rudy..you showed how to do it successfully. I am right behind you with pre-op testing here in Lawrence and that went well, too. We did it, Rudy! I sure do love you and your sweet family.
    Talk with you at home………….G’ma Jo

  2. Oh yeah baby! SOOO happy to hear there’s positive news! Continuing in prayer and wearing my bracelet to remind me to pray unceasingly.

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