What I wouldn’t do for my wife…

I appreciate all the kind words about what a great husband I am to surprise my wife. Thanks, the encouragement is worth all the effort that’s continually demanded of me. Right now, Trish is somewhere reliving tour memories so I went and worked out in one of those places replete with nice towels (used about a dozen, just cuz I could). Now my burden is deciding which of three pools I must sit at.

Hold on–I jus discovered that I can get in one of these inner tubes and the current will do my swimming for me. Not only that, but if you order a drink, Cabana Louie will have it cold and ready and run it out to you on your next pass. Settles it.

from my iPhone

6 thoughts on “What I wouldn’t do for my wife…

  1. Now that is what I call relaxing. Have fun. I can’t wait to hear all the details about this cool trip.

  2. Have a great time. I sang with “Up with people” for a short time but never got to tour. I didn’t have the voice Trish does, but i still remember the songs. Joyce

  3. ok well now your just being mean. we come to santa barbara and then 5 days afterwards you show us a picture of a lazy river c’mon!!!! we should’ve gone there!!

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