And the Award goes to….

Trish was just shocked to be presented with the James E MacLennan Everyday Hero Award. As she went up to the ballroom stage a moving tribute was read about the journey with Rudy along with a slideshow. Standing ovation and more than a few tears.

14 thoughts on “And the Award goes to….

  1. A lot of people can be heroes for a day…..but an everyday hero….now that’s big stuff!! So proud of you Squish!

  2. Atta Girl! Well deserved! God is glorified through you, Trish (and through your entire family!)

  3. Trish, you sure are my Everyday Hero, too! I’m so happy to hear you were honored last night…what confirmation that others see how special you are and how God’s love just spills out of you!

    I love you, dear friend! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. That is our daughter! She began an unbelievable journey early in her life and has impacted more people than I know. Her faith and determination are unmatched as is her servant heart! Congratulations, sweetheart!

  5. Good for you Uncle Rolf! Aunt Trish really deserves a break and an award for all she’s done to help everyone is this world. She definitely is an everyday hero! It’s so sweet when a guy goes out of his way to surprise and show his love for his wife. That is one epic lazy river!!! Congrats Aunt Trish! You deserve it!!!

  6. Oh, sooo sweet! Just love the Geyling family! I am really just going to show up on your door step one day so we can actually meet! (Okay, I’m from CA so technically we’ve met….) Blessings on you all!

  7. Congrats Trish…. that’s so awesome!! and what fun it was to hear what Rolf had cooked up for you as I left you only a few days ago…. yeah Rolf… so glad both you heroes get to be on a well deserved weekend getaway too!
    love you

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