Happily doing our time

Rudy and I have had an uneventful stay here at UCLA. We got our room assignment around 2pm yesterday and Rudy had fun riding all the way there sitting up like Caesar on an inspection tour.

We had to repress some habitual and territorial instincts as, for the first time, our room was not in the 5th floor ICU. We’ve ventured onto the 3rd floor and discovered they have lots of doctors and nurses to charm here too! I can’t get over how quiet it is–we’re tucked into the coveted room at the end of the hallway with a nice view down Westwood Blvd. We have yet to see another patient but the extensive decorations on the doors and scary equipment and labeled carts (chemotherapy/transplant/etc), make me grateful to be an easy short-term case. We’re just two guys in our man cave logging some sats…

Being in a new place doesn’t promise anonymity. Our nurse finally had to ask me what was going on as there seemed to be a disproportionate number of docs stopping by and checking over the chart, considering the procedure. Good to have fans check on Rudy, but I had to laugh at the way they’ve robbed me of one of my favorite hospital pastimes–secretly absconding with needed medical supplies! It’s a learned heart-parent behavior to create secondary procurement agendas around hospital visits. Sometimes you need to play cat-and-mouse, asking multiple staff for the same thing so you get sufficient quantities–some have even been known to hide things and play stupid so the staff has to go get more. The whole game gets much easier if you have a familiar unit and your cute kid has several nurses on the take.

I guess we’re not as sly as we thought because I was just contemplating the prospect of working a new floor, when a certain high-placed physician just came out and asked if I had any supplies at home that needed to be replenished. Realizing the gig was up, I handed over my list (those who know my wife would not be surprised that I was dispatched with an actual list) and in short order my quest was complete. Not sure what to do with all the free time now…

Rudy slept well. We woke up early and watched the sun come up and the campus come to life below the window. Nurse Amy promised me the worst coffee in the world and may have delivered (but it took me two cups to come to this conclusion). We’ve been reviewing the doctor parade as it marches by. The ENT team has been by and gave their thumbs up, so discharge will be coming, though I think Pulmonary and Cardiology will probably come by the reviewing stand before we go.

King of all he surveys and then a happy wake-up! Ready to head out!

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5 thoughts on “Happily doing our time

  1. Rolf,

    I love so much your humor and joy in all situations. I cracked up reading your description of your quest for supplies. It’s so true and a quest we too played as we were preparing to leave with Josiah. In fact that instinct came out in me the other day when we had to take Hazyl to the ER for stitches. I had to stop and remind myself that while all these supplies in the room looked so wonderful we probably didn’t really need them. Keep up the great work you do for your son, your wife, your other children and your ministry. You are an awesome example.

  2. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are in a hospital that you love, and one that loves you! What a BLESSING =)
    Also so nice to have a doctor replenish your supplies…the quest is never-ending for us =)
    Sending lots of love and continued prayers,

  3. So glad you two got a man-cave with a view! Nice! You two deserve the special treatment, and glad Rudy decided one night was enough this time! Now for a really good night of sleep at home in your own beds! Blessings to all of you.

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