Prepping for UCLA and Remembering Nina

It’s back to UCLA tomorrow to downsize the trach.  We’ve got a 7am check-in for what should be a quick procedure at 9am.  Everything should be pretty straightforward in the OR, but the team will want to monitor him for at least 24 hours in the ICU afterward to make sure everything looks right.  It’s been awhile since I did a hospital shift, so I’m giving Trish a break and going to camp out with Rudy.

While any trip to the hospital with Rudy raises our anxiety and concern, it all pales in comparison with the news we got that little Nina went to heaven this morning.  Once again we’re reminded that parenting can contain agony in far too many flavors.  There’s nothing that can be said to bring Nina’s suffering into perspective, but I am so grateful that in her six years she was on the receiving end of such attentive and passionate love.  We marvel at the courage parents like Todd and Rosy are able to muster in such heartbreaking circumstances.

Peace, comfort and grace.   Updates tomorrow when we have something to report.

10 thoughts on “Prepping for UCLA and Remembering Nina

  1. How heartbreaking to hear. Life is so precious.

    We’ll be praying for your time Rolf! Blessings to Rudy as he returns to UCLA for another procedure. God’s peace be with you~

  2. Pausing to thank God for the little angel in Nina and the prayers for and ushering of the Comforter to hold her parents in love and carew through their sorrow. My prayers as well for a smooth procedure and getting that airway more room to work!

    Love and Hugs


  3. Hang in there Rolf and Trish….and oh my! Will be praying for Nina’s family….I’m glad God allowed her parents to bless her with one more birthday party!

  4. Back from vacation and retreat and catching up with you all – go with God tomorrow, Rolf and Rudy. May things go smoothly and adjustments to the new trach come easily. So glad they can offer this small movement in what has felt to you all like a long space of waiting. And prayers for Nina’s loving family – what a hard, heavy load this has been for them. And you are right – there is no way to ‘balance out’ this horrendous suffering. But there is grace in the midst of it, particularly as evidenced by the fierce love of every member of her family. I imagine she’s swimming her heart out, enjoying the Living Water, wearing a rainbow array of lovely swimsuits. How much she will be missed.

  5. Always praying pal! Thanks for the update, tell him to remove the trach altogether and I’ll see if I can get Jayden to share her Dorito’s with him (Jen was not so happy that I introduced those blessed toxic chips)….see ya soon!

  6. Sweet Nina. She is such a wonderful girl and I will keep all of you and her family in my thoughtsv and prayers. I’m sure that God will hold her dear and love her until the time is come for her family to join her and love her in heaven. Even though I have barely ever heard of her, I miss her too. I’m sure she’s having the best Spongebob birthday party ever in paradise with God.

  7. Thanks, Rolf. You are such a great Dad! I will be awaiting another report of the “big guy” who always seems to have a smile. Love to you both.

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