Christmas Recap

The Holiday Break fun continues this week with a visit with our nephew from Alabama.   Big cousin Josh arrived on Sunday right before the blizzard and all the travel delays, thankfully,  and we’ve enjoyed the extra fun and energy he brings into the mix.  We have one last afternoon/evening to visit before he leaves tomorrow and then it’ll be time to gear up for our low-key New Year’s celebration…unfortunately, it seems round 2 of the bug that hit the boys two weeks ago is running its course through all of us in varying degrees right now so our New Years will be a quiet one.  Spirits remain high, though, and all are enjoying the Christmas goodies received on Christmas morning!!   We’re praying for a quick (and complete!) recovery for all and no lingering symptoms for Rudy especially!
The thrill of Christmas morning!


The Rudolph that Wilson made our Rudolf in shop class.
Thumbs up from Max!
Rudy a bit annoyed!
Watching tv with big sis
Fun with cousin Josh from Alabama!
Santa Rudy at the SBRM staff Christmas party

We trust you’re enjoying the lull between holidays too!  Joy to all!!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Recap

  1. Such fun pictures! Sorry that bug is not letting go – we’ve had it in our family, too. 10 month old Lilly was diagnosed with pneumonia today! She’s had two rounds of antibiotics since Thanksgiving for sinusitis and she is so sick today. Prayers much appreciated on her behalf.

    May 2011 bring blessings unimaginable to the Geyling family – surprises of grace and goodness for each and everyone. Love to all of you.

  2. Hope you’re having fun with Josh! Don’t steal him for too long!(Personally, you can have him as long as you like, I just had to say something nice.) Love you Josh!

  3. It is a mean bug that is going around our area too! Sure hope you can knock it soon. Take care and be safe. Wish I could “fix” it.

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