Christmas Eve 2010

Well, it’s 11pm and its time to wind things down here in the Geyling household.  Rudy finally fell asleep after a very long day with no naps and the big kids are camping out in Max’s room watching “A Christmas Story”.  Our day started out this morning with donuts, caroling and zany Christmas games with the women of Bethel House and ended with the Christmas Eve service at our church.  Once again, we stop in the midst of all the excitement and reflect on all we have for which we are thankful…you certainly make that list!  Merry Christmas dear friends and family…we wish you the very best this holiday weekend and the peace of God’s presence in all that you do.  Christmas blessings…

Everybody dressed in their Christmas best...
Showing off the traditional Christmas PJs and matching knit socks!!
Poor Rolf didn't get a full set of Christmas PJs this year but what he did get goes nicely with his new knit socks!!

Okay, so there really isn’t a good segue after that picture but I did want to share one last Christmas tradition.  Christmastime gives me a few more opportunities than usual to sing at church and Rescue Mission events with my friend Darlene.  This year we decided to make a simple recording of a few tracks (Thanks Jeremy and Jake!).  Here’s our favorite…

Sleep in heavenly peace everyone!


11 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2010

  1. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. It always moves me. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas, Geylings!

  2. Wow, did I ever need to hear that tonight. Just back from a lovely but exhausting family gathering, sending my mom back to her home at the end of the evening after hosting her here for a couple of days. Driving home I really began to realize that tomorrow is my last worship service as Associate Pastor at MCC. Such mixed feelings! Good to be reminded that I stand in very good company with those kinds of emotions. “Mary, Did You Know?” indeed! The blessings of God Almighty, Father, Son and Spirit be with each and all of you in the Geyling family circle as we all walk into another new year. And lots of love, too. (LOVE the undies, Rolf. Imagining them with the socks is just about further than I wish to go at the end of this long week. :>)

  3. Merry Post-Christmas to all the Geylings and those that follow…. Rudy passed out…. too cute!

    Thanks for sharing the Christmas song…. I wonder how much she knew… how much did the Father let her see and understand as Jesus was growing up?

    Blessings to all as we look with great expectation in the new year…. what does the Lord have in store for each of us…. God is a great adventurer!

  4. Dear Geyling Family,
    Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas blessings with us all!!! We are so priveledged and honored to call you friends and family!!

    Everytime we receive an update like this one, we enjoy seeing the photos of your wonderful, happy family!! You all are always so joyful and truly are the living Word of God as you live out “Counting all as joy!”

    And, your song is so beautiful and I know that our Lord receives it each time it is played as a fragrant aroma that He enjoys and you all bring Him so much glory through your musical gifts.

    Thank you again for sharing your lives and teaching us a way to bring God’s kingdom here in the now!!!

    Doherty Family!!!!

  5. beautiful….the song, not the socks…..but they add a smile….Merry Christmas and a HAPPY New Year, Nick’s Grandma

  6. Oh Trish, I just had a chance to listen to your music. I love, love, love it!! Any chance I can get a copy? It is now my fav 🙂

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