GO HOME, Moriah!!!

We haven’t heard anything from our friends, Justin and Victoria, today.  Last night, for the first time in well over a year, saying good night to their little Moriah didn’t mean kissing her on the forehead, checking in with the nurse and heading home with the phone close at hand.  Greeting their little girl this morning meant simply stumbling into the next room.  MORIAH GOT TO GO HOME YESTERDAY!!!

As this week has had it’s share of tears, it feel so good to have happy ones rim my eyes as I type this.  This is an unchosen journey, but we are buoyed by having met some incredible people on the way.  As we’ve felt burdened by their struggles, we truly rejoice with them over such significant milestones.

It might seem appropriate to wish the Nelsons a peaceful weekend, but I’m inclined to pray for the opposite.  I hope they have an exhausting one.  Not the kind of ICU-exhaustion they might be accustomed to; but the kind that comes from having to read the same book seven times in a row…from taking long walks around the block to keep a little one occupied…from never-ending games of peek-a-boo behind the couch…from just plain being giddy over the goodness of God evident in the precious little girl before them.

We love you, Nelson Family!

Cutest ladybug I ever saw!


5 thoughts on “GO HOME, Moriah!!!

  1. Yeah Moriah! Darling little ladybug. Have a fun halloween at home with your family… Praying as always for Rudy and his heart friends too… hugs.

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