Headed Home

Rudy is done…he remained quite patient the whole 4 hours in recovery but finally had enough during a pre-discharge echo and the removal of 8 of those sticky sensor thingys they put on his chest. We’re in the car now and settling into a long car ride home through LA traffic. I guess Rolf and I are pretty spent too…looking forward to sleeping. We’ll post more about the cath results soon!! Thank you all for your prayers leading up to today!!!! Love and appreciate you…

12 thoughts on “Headed Home

  1. That is truly one of the sweetest pictures I’ve seen in a while. Snuggle up, all of you – sometimes a snuggle is the best cure in the world for just about anything. Love to you all – hope sleep comes easily and brings refreshment.

  2. You have certainly been in my thoughts and prayers today. I will continue to pray for Rudy and his future improvement. Praying that all of you have a restful evening and peace about the future.

  3. Technology IS my friend. Don’t know if I could have handled today without your posts. Thank you and God bless!

  4. God bless you for taking the time during this stressful adventure to let us know how your day went. More prayers coming your way for a restful night.

  5. Hey my man, Dave DD put us together and my energy is with right now. I heard you are in Santa Barbara which is super cool because I have a home on Ojai. I will return in November and hope to come see you. All my best – Rob

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