OK to Drive!

Thanks everyone for your prayers.  The antibiotics seem to have done their magic and, with the demise of ED and EFD, Rudy’s diapers are holding containment and the smells emanating from there are the usual kind.

We laid lower than usual for the past couple weeks, but as Rudy got his spunk back, we ventured out to have some fun.  Down at Ventura Harbor on Saturday, Rudy was intrigued enough by the car ride to tolerate the din of the arcade:

Back home on Sunday, he felt up for taking his own set of wheels out for a spin.  Check out that leg strength–Fred Flintstone’s got nothing on him.  Not to mention that back and neck strength!

Cars are cool!  Especially red convertibles.  The same cannot be said for red trains:

Get me back in my car!!!

After all, you can’t sit behind the wheel of a train and hoot and holler.  No girls can hear you…you need a convertible for that!

6 thoughts on “OK to Drive!

  1. Train a child in the way he should go, I couldn’t resist the pun! sorry RUDY, I do think you are going to do some rather extensive travel in the future so why not get ready NOW! Rudy you are a real Miracle, keep on , miraculousnessing, thats a new word just for Rudy. Rudy we are all holding you in our hearts and it feels GOOD!

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