Our Post-Bronchoscopy Fun

Rudy and I arrived home safely last Wednesday after our overnight at UCLA…it’s amazing how much the trip down for Rudy’s bronchoscopy took out of me and we had just a day and a half to settle in and get reorganized before the next round of summer fun began…here’s a little pictoral recap:
On our way out of the ICU, Rudy and I ran into Fellows Leigh and Bobby and Dr. Dan…we just had to stop for a quick visit in the hallway!
Drs Leigh and Bobby


Fun with Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan is a popular guy in AND outside the UCLA community…he even has his own table at Barney’s Beanery in Westwood where a picture of Rudy is proudly displayed (Ha)…even the UCLA facility employees who happened to be seated at Dr. Dan’s table when we stopped in were quite impressed by Rudy’s celebrity!!  (Double Ha)

Rudy's table of honor at Barney's in Westwood (thanks to Dr. Dan)
This week marked the early celebration of Olivia’s 8th birthday with an awesome garden pool party and EPIC water pinata!  Rudy stayed inside away from the squealing mob under the watchful eye of friends Lisa, Cheryl and Aunt Andi…he was happy to let Livy have the limelight for the day!
Livy's Water Pinata!

 Aunt Andi and cousins Mayali & Kyra made a stop in California en route back home to Boston from their summer trip in China!  It’s always a treat for Rudy to see extended family (fun for the rest of us too)…

Fun with Aunt Andi

 We continue to take full advantage of these last two weeks of summer vacation!  Rudy has his next monthly cardiology appointment with Dr. Harake this Friday…will update on his condition then.  Thank you for your continued interest and support!!!  Blessings…

Greg's latest - 8-9-10

10 thoughts on “Our Post-Bronchoscopy Fun

  1. pool party looks great, Rudy won’d be happy to see school starts, our Nick will be going into 6th grade, a big move, Middle School; Big School ….a Little Guy. prayers to all, Nick’s Grandma

  2. Now I get it – I thought the pinata was under water and couldn’t imagine how it was going to get hit hard enough. Looks like Max was in the most danger! Good spot for him.

    And those Rudy blues – is he wearing contacts? So sweet!

  3. Oh….glad that pinata was above water….now that looks fun!!!!….oh and Rudy looks so handsome in the pictures….On that 8/9 photo he looks like such a big boy!!! Looking forward to hearing the report after Friday…

  4. Oh my gosh, that pool party looked like so much fun!!! I LOVE that new photo of Rudy……what a handsome little dude. xoxox, K

  5. I think we saw that beanery place when we drove through westwood today as we dropped off Kourtney’s prayer quilt. Small world. Hope you’ll get a chance to meet Kourtney one of these trips to ucla and you can tie a knot on her quilt. Hugs and prayers. xxoo

  6. Thanks, Livy for that blow-by-blow report by phone on your party. Not everyone gets to celebrate two times! Officially you will be 8 on Sept. 9 — enjoy!!!!! Thanks, Max, for helping with the party.

    Looking great, Rudy!

  7. So….pardon my ignorance, but was the contents in the pinata water-resistant or was there a mad splash to collect the candy before the wrappers got totally wet and soggy?

    BTW, Trish, your patio garden looks quite beautiful…reflecting, of course, the gardeners and the Master Gardener!!

    Love to all!

  8. I must shamefully and sheepishly admit to being a full fledged “lurker” on Rudy’s site for a long, loooong time now. I had not been to Rudy’s site for a while, so I am delighted and very pleased to see he’s doing so well! He’s becoming quite the little man. His pictures show such a happy and handsome little boy with the most beautiful smile and expressive vivid blue eyes. Please know you have all been in my prayers unbeknown to you “secretly” from afar since Rudy was less than a year old.

    I admire all of you so much for being such a caring, loving, dedicated and model family! Rudy is blessed and oh so fortunate to have been born to your family. I truly believe it is the main reason he’s done so well in his 21 months+. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

    I am so very saddened to hear of the loss of your beloved father, Trish. You are the person you became due to him. He will remain in your heart always and you have a lifetime of cherished memories of him and his unconditioned love for you.

    BTW, I grew up in Oxnard long ago now, ha. So, Santa Barbara and Ventura Co./Santa Barbara Co. will always have a soft place in my heart. Take good care. This is from a well wisher from “afar” yet not so far now, LOL…. ; )

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