Happy 21 Months!

July 1st…not only the start of yet another month but also Rudy’s 21st mensiversary!  It was a somewhat uneventful day  (although we did get to spend a good portion of it at the Rescue Mission which is a fun place for us to be). 

It just so happened that Rolf finished Rudy’s custom crib the night before so we got it all set up in time to unveil it on this milestone day…replacing the port-a-crib bassinet Rudy should have been out of 16 pounds ago!!!!! 

A little known fact about Rolf is his ability to make beautiful furniture…

i.e. My cedar-lined chest: circa 1992


i.e. The Kids' Rocking Moose: circa 1997


…it doesn’t happen very often as it is pretty time consuming but it sure is a blessing when it does happen. 

We just couldn’t find a suitable “day bed” for Rudy that met all of his needs and also ours as we needed it to fit a very specific space in our living room and be a specific height to save our backs (our little chunk is getting pretty heavy!) so Rolf was inspired to get back into the shop and unleash his creative energy…

Rolf's custom crib for Rudy!


Rolf surprised me with an added shelf for Rudy's equipment AND a little saline holder up top...see it?


If we prop him up, Rudy can hold on and sit up a bit...he has so much more room to sleep and play!


July 1, 2010 - 21 months old

He’s pretty excited about it…Happy 21 months little man!!!

12 thoughts on “Happy 21 Months!

  1. Lovely! How talented your whole family is! And I was surprised to see how many teeth Rudy has. He certainly is growing up! Prayers for all of you on this happy day.

  2. Amazing!!! I love that crib! It looks like Rudy loves it too. I’m also glad to see that I am not the only one with tubes and bedtime looks like a hospital setup. Here’s to one day… our boys will be tube free!!

  3. Better watch out! Rudy will soon be pouring himself a cup of tea! (Great crib and set up, Rolf.)

  4. I’ve never seen a child so happy to be in his crib!! Godd job Papa! I love you Rudy! Your smile gets me everytime

  5. Rudy, you are learning new things every time there is a new blog–I think you are a real “ham”. One of these days you will be wrestling with the other kids…..probably could now if they could get in your crib! Keep up the good exercise of standing in your crib–that will make your arms, legs and back stronger. We love watching your progress.

  6. What a cool crib with special features. And what WONDERFUL sounds from Rudy in the video!! :))
    we love you all,

  7. goochi goochi goo!…love the sound of his voice!!!

    Love that crib….yup your dad is one talented guy!!!

  8. Well, I knew Rolf was handy at making things. I still have my footstool under my desk/computer set up which I rest my feet upon. circa 1999?

    Good work, Rolf. Keep it up.
    We like to see the little guy standing up.

    Bobby and Marilyn Clinton

  9. Rolf,
    What a beautiful work of art! You guys are just full of surprises and oh so gifted!
    Enjoy your new sleeping quarters, Rudy, hand made by Dad!
    Jo Saraceno

  10. My president is quite the talented guy and that’s why he will continue to get my vote. Must be something in that Austrian blood. Rudy looks like he is digging his new crib, too.

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