Our Little Orator

‘Thought we’d share one more emerging skill for Rudy…we finally have possession of the speaking valve and Rudy is adjusting to it.  The valve fits on Rudy’s trach and allows him to inhale through it but not exhale.  As he exhales, the air is forced past his vocal cords and through his mouth allowing him to vocalize.  He gets to wear it several times throughout the day for short periods of time as he gets used to the back pressure…here’s a couple of his first attempts:

He’s well on his way to a public speaking career!

19 thoughts on “Our Little Orator

  1. Oh, my! Two big advances this week. Way to go, little sweetie. You are doing what you can, when you can, Rudy. We are so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  2. It’s a new day! Rudy vocalizing!! I’m sure he will have a lot to say once he figures it all out. What a treat!

  3. A miracle; when Nick was born 11 years ago, my daughter gave me a inspirational book, ending with her words; everyday they will learn more and more. how true, love you Rudy, Nick’s Grandma

  4. It’s so great to see him roll over and to talk. It seems very appropriate that he start talking so much on Terry’s birthday. Too motor mouths. Lol. Julie

  5. Ahhhhhhh! Tears of joy! What a delightful surprise on this Friday night, and fun to see his expression of wonderment! God bless you all!

  6. Your videos made my night. Those are the sweetest sounds…and he did look pretty pleased with himself. What a milestone–and again we can all see what WONDERFUL parents Rudy has in those interactions…you two are just amazing! We love you all!

  7. You Go, Rudy! How exciting to see him progressing with each of the “toddler” accomplishments. So easy for most children, but a milestone for Rudy. His smile just makes my day.

  8. Rudy, all of us are so proud of you. What seem like small steps are huge leaps for you. Keep up the good work. Your angels are smiling.

  9. Yeah Rudy! You can be a noisy boy now.

    Jaron & I took you along with us today on our CF (Cystis Fibrosis) 5K walk for our friend Emma (7). I wore your braclet all day, didn’t get a good photo of it (bummer). But you were there for all of it. Hope you had a great day today too! Prayers, and hugs and kisses as always.

  10. hey guys,
    this is wonderful!
    from being here at the recovery center, we have seen children either love the passy muir valve or absolutely hate it. they build up a tolerance after having it on for small increments throughout the day. it’s great to see that rudy tolerates it…what a joy to hear his voice! he is so stinkin cute!
    when moriah is off the ventilator doing her trach collar trials, we can’t hear anything out of her. once she gets stronger and is totally off the vent, we will start doing pmv trials with her too.
    thanks for sharing this.

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