Wilson Channels Keith Moon

Last night, we headed to the Goleta Valley Junior High Talent Show.  Surprising the amount of talent among the student body.  Among them was our Wilson.  Despite parental suggestions of a Shakespearean monologue or a perhaps a catchy show tune to wow the audience, he instead opted for The Who’s “My Generation”.  Not only was he right, but from the sounds of it he might also have to rethink his apprehensions regarding the fairer sex.  The screaming adulation is so reminiscent of my own adolescence.  Oh wait, those screams were from girls as they ran the other way…never mind.

Anyway, depending on your tastes, I suggest you to turn your volume fully up (or down).

15 thoughts on “Wilson Channels Keith Moon

  1. Absolutely classic! That’s my Godson with one of the highest rock IQ’s I have ever seen. Way to rock it, Wilson – the finish with throwing the sticks and the hands – so classic! You da man! The Who Rules!

  2. Will he sign a stick and send it North? How does he do w/the Boss? Honestly, too fun! I must admit whenever I see a “Rudy’s Beat” in my mailbox I pray nothing bad or unexpected has happened, so it’s a huge relief when we get to watch this, or the kids playing Evil Knievel, or trips to Knott’s Berry, or any of the other crazy things the Geylings find to do. Thanks!

  3. Love the trick with the sticks in the first part of the video! Great drumming very talented percussionist Wilson!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us on the internet!

  4. Classic and amazing! I WILL be saying “I saw him when…”! I know some girls who want names and numbers! Watch him, Rolf and Trish!

  5. If my boss allowed me to have volume on my computer at work I might be able to listen to this. Sorry Wilson, but I work for a real taskmaster, in my mind though I know you rocked it!!!!

  6. Willie-Dog…..

    You did channel Keith Moon….maybe a little Neil Peart and some hints of Buddy Rich…. Awesome job, nice style points, good fills…sweet headband! You did tear a new one!!

    I think your camera man might have channeled one of Keith Moon’s acid trips!

    GVJH will never be the same. I’ll remember this first performance video down the road when your rockin the Roxy!!

  7. enjoyed, what a family you have. Today I received Rudy’s Heart Necklace from my daughter and family; as I am wearing it, I am counting my blessings, Nick’s Grandma

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