(Hi friends. I thought this got posted last night as we were leaving UCLA but it didn’t. Sorry to keep you hanging.  More shortly, but we made it home and are laying low today. )

Sorry for the short posts but we’ve been discharged and can head home this evening. More medical details later but Rudy recovered quickly from anesthesia and the team did not have to do any interventions in the cath lab, so we don’t have to spend the night.

The short of it– the heart looks very good but there are some concerns still about the lungs. Feels wierd to check in and out of the hospital in the same day. (knock on wood).

Thanks for praying. We’re glad Rudy is safe and made it through with relatively little discomfort.

7 thoughts on “Discharged

  1. Thanks for the post> You know us Rudy followers need to hear what’s up with our little guy. Praying as always. Hugs and kisses. Wearing my Rudy heart today.

  2. short posts are just fine. thanks for the update! may you have a quiet, restful weekend. rest up Rudy. we’ll be looking for some Rudy smiles real soon!

  3. Oh, good news. Thank you for ANY posts, short, medium or long. Prayers continue for all of you as you wait further news about the Glenn and Rudy’s lungs.

    We’re in hospital mode ourselves tonight as our youngest grandson, Griffin – age 4 – took a nasty twisting turn on the trampoline in his backyard late yesterday afternoon and broke his left femur (large bone in the thigh). He is at this moment under anesthesia at Huntington Memorial Hospital (complicated by the fact that he’s had croup this week) where a pediatric orthopedist is trying to reduce the fracture manually and then cast the entire leg, extending the cast across his little pelvis and halfway down the right thigh, with a steel bar in between. At least 2, likely 3 months like that, and in a wheel chair as well.

    We are praying at this moment that these maneuvers are successful as the alternative is surgery and the insertion of pins and screws which must be removed surgically as well. So…Rudy prayer warriors – please add Griffin Stenzel to your lists – we would sure appreciate it. His parents are exhausted and his two older brothers (Wesley, 11 and Colby, 8) are very worried and sad. We’ve been with those two all day today and will continue through the weekend as needed. This little one spent 5 days in the NICU when he was born (giving me just a tiny, tiny window into your anguish, Trish and Rolf) and it is hard to see him back in the hospital – as you so well know.

    Love to you all as you digest what you’ve learned this week!

  4. hugs and kisses from the east coast… glad to hear of the smooth day and looking forward to hearing more of course as you learn it.
    Andrea, Maya, Kyra

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