The House Is Still All A’Bustle!

We continue to take full advantage of our Christmas vacation by engaging in a number of our favorite activities.  Rolf and the big boys headed up to Solvang first thing Saturday morning to get a good day of skating in at the skatepark.  It still amazes me how the boys can jump back into the bowl and skate as well as they do especially since months can go by between skating treks to Solvang.  Thankfully, it was a fun, injury-free trip and a great start to Wilson’s “ultimate-boarder” week as he took off the following day for a snowboard trip with the church youth group and plans to surf on New Year’s day.

Way to go Maxo!!!!
Wilson in flight...

Sunday was Livy and Rudy’s turn as they headed off to the lake near our house with a bag of bread to feed the ducks.  The last time Rudy ventured out to feed the ducks he wasn’t able to focus on them very well so it was a real treat to see him get so excited this time…a clear sign of growth and progress.

It's official...Rudy likes ducks!
I think he likes his Daddy too...
...and his sister!

And so the week continues with a couple of visits with good friends, good football to be watched and good play!

10 thoughts on “The House Is Still All A’Bustle!

  1. Dear Rudy,
    You are really cute and funny, and you’re a great kid.
    Daisy Merrick

    Hi Rolf and Trish,
    just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we are enjoying praying for Rudy and we think he is the cutest baby in the world! The kisses were beyond precious. Happy new year!
    the Merricks

  2. I think this is the first time Rudy has seen so many quacks without being in the hospital. hee hee. He is so amazing and is soooooo ready for some tickle time with us!! xoxo Go Rudy Go!!!

  3. He gets more handsome every day, that Rudy Boy.
    So glad to see him enjoying the Christmas festivities and family fun. His smile is adorable.

  4. Love these reports. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. We love all of you so much……………..

  5. Oops! missed the video before—–what a blessing to see you giving so many kisses. You are learning so much and doing so well. It has to be rewarding to all of your caregivers to see such progress. We love you little one, we give thanks for your progress, and we are so proud of your family for all the blessings you bring to us by being part of our family.
    Happy New Year!

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