Christmas cheer at the hospital

We started off our celebration this week by going back to the hospital.  We had fun sharing Christmas cheer with many of the doctors and nurses that were a part of our holiday last year.

Saying “Merry Christmas” to a handful of Rudy’s angels!

It was affirming to get so many positive comments on how good Rudy looked.  Compared to the little guy we took home from the hospital, he was about twice the weight, alert and smiling with good color.  Some just couldn’t resist a more clinical assessment:

An impromptu listen by Dr. Dan...

In  just a few hours at the hospital, our family reminisced about some of the things we did to remain sane there for seven months.  We didn’t have time to take over a room for a game of udderball, race down deserted hallways in wheelchairs, or spin around in nurses’ chairs until we were dizzy. ..too many people around for that.  But you can almost always have a good “Elevator Dance Party”.

Wait for an elevator of your own.

Play it cool.

Get in the elevator like normal, well-behaved people.

Until the door closes…

Then the party begins!


Extra points for extra abandon, but you can’t get too carried away…

You never know when the door might open…

True experts learn how to time things just right…

Dancing right up until that last second.

When the door opens.

No one would ever suspect it...
No one would ever suspect it...
Rudy couldn’t dance along with us.  He just looked on from the stoller and entertained second thoughts of whether he was better off staying with his nurse friends.

8 thoughts on “Christmas cheer at the hospital

  1. You friends of Rudy’s blog have assessed the faith and fun that goes on in the Geyling household……………Well, the Kansas Wilson’s have their motto….”It’s Fun To Be A Wilson”…. So to all of you Rudy “fans” we want to wish you much Joy at Christmas and throughout the New Year.

    Much love and good health to all of you and yours! Rudy and Grandpa Dick can show you how to make the best of health problems. They definitely make lemonade out of lemons! Way to go guys! We clink our glasses to you both.

  2. What about Elevator Bingo? Thanks to you guys teaching me, Tori and I play that whenever we find elevators!

  3. Just had to comment. You brought giggles as I read and watched. What a wonderful visit for you. Hugs and love to the Geylings. XO

  4. Merry Christmas to all you nutty Geylings! We are so thrilled that you are home for Christmas this year, and that Rudy is doing so great!

    Much love to you all!

  5. And I thought I was the only one who did an elevator dance.Now I know why I like your family!Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless you in the coming year.

  6. hilarious. you are the best lemonade-makers ever! what a gift to your kids – learning/living how to face life’s challenges with grace and joy. of course, being a little crazy helps.

    xoxo and blessings for the new year! Linda H.

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