An internet sighting of a Rudy fan

Rudy’s fans are everywhere.  You never know where they are going to pop up.  A friend of ours (hi, Rebecca) noticed a familiar bracelet appear in a video she was watching on the Antioch University website.  Check it out…and while you’re at it you might just find out something about the BA programs at Antioch University.  Way to represent, Dick!  Rudy thanks you!

Click here for the Antioch website and then click on “Tell Me More About the BA Program”.  Or, you can go straight here to see it on Vimeo.

Remember, you too can be a star on Rudy’s Beat.  Wear your Rudy bracelet proudly!

2 thoughts on “An internet sighting of a Rudy fan

  1. The “Rudy circle” continues to expand! Amazing! Keep the ripples expanding from your splash into our lives precious Rudy. We love you.

  2. We wear ours proudly! It’s like a super hero braclet! I miss you guys so much. Im happy to hear all is going well at home and with Rudy. We so have to get together soon. I want to come over and do a trail straightning of Wilson’s hair. It’s gonna be so awesome!! We have Emma back from my mom so let me know what works for you guys. Brett usually has mon and tue nights off so those work best for us! xoxo love you all. Go Rudy Go!!!

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