This Is A Tough One…

Our friend Logan
Our friend Logan

Just minutes after posting our gallery of goofy portraits earlier today, Rolf and I got the devastating news that Rudy’s CTICU buddy, Logan, passed away suddenly this morning (Wednesday, October 14th).  For our longtime Rudy’s Beat readers, you may remember that Logan arrived in the CTICU just a few days after Rudy…flown in from Santa Barbara at 2months of age when his serious heart condition was detected at a routine well-child visit.  Because of the SB connection, we bonded with Logan and his parents, Rayme and Brett, quickly.  Although Rudy and Logan did not have the same condition, they did have many of the same complications after their surgeries and for awhile it seemed we were walking parallel paths.  Logan’s struggle was fierce and intense but he survived and began to show major improvement which encouraged us as we waited for Rudy’s “turning point”.  For eight weeks, we shared life and created community with the Elliotts in the CTICU and rejoiced with them when Logan was discharged at the end of November ’08.  I watched Rayme make that tough transition to home after a long hospital stay and when our turn finally came to bring Rudy home, Rayme’s texts and blog comments were of great comfort and encouragement because I knew she had just been through it herself.  I ran into Brett and Logan at our cardiologist’s office shortly after we brought Rudy home from UCLA in May.  He looked so great and strong and happy.  Because he was doing so well (as the above picture would suggest), today’s news came completely out of left field.  It literally knocked the wind out of me and I immediately began to sob for Rayme and Brett and their families.  Please join us in praying for this precious family…for Brett, Rayme and big sisters Kaelee and Emma.  No one saw this coming and, as you can imagine, they need our prayers for grace, comfort, strength and faith as they face this tragic loss.  The losses along the way have been hard but this one is tough…hitting very close to home for me and Rolf.  Please blanket these dear ones in prayer.

Rudy followed Logan in one of their many extubation attempts and Logan was kind enough to pass his "extubation sign" on to Rudy when it was his turn!
Rudy followed Logan in one of their many extubation attempts and Logan was kind enough to pass his "extubation sign" on to Rudy when it was his turn!
Logan and Barbie at the Mattel Christmas Party Dec.08...
Logan and Barbie at the Mattel Christmas Party Dec.08...

13 thoughts on “This Is A Tough One…

  1. This is very sad….and sobering. We will pray for Logan’s family. I’m sure he enriched his parents’ lives for the short time they were blessed to have him.

  2. Oh, my heart is aching for Logan’s family. I didn’t know Logan, but it still hits hard. He looks so perfect in the photos.. no tubes.. no wires… and he’s PINK! My PRAYERS are with his family!! HUGS to you too.. it’s so hard when it hits so close to home.

  3. Thank you to all for all of the love and prayers. The loss and grief that we feel is immense, and at times almost unbearable, but, all the comforting words and prayers that we have we recieved have let us know that we are not alone. I love Logan so much. and it is so hard to let him go. Getting to know Rudy, Rolf, Trish and the rest of their family meant so much to our family while were in the hospital at UCLA. And Rolf, I can’t thank you enough for your phone call last night. I am so sad that Logan and Rudy will never get to play together nor get to go to Camp del Corazon together. Logan, you were so Brave. Daddy will always love you.

  4. whenever I hear a siren; I always have a little fear, my thoughts go to Nick who goes to school only 5min. away, as normal lives we try to lead, we always live with the fear. Our deepest prayers go to Logan’s Family, and also yours, as I know you touched each others lives; our thoughts and prayers are with you, Nick’s Grandmal

  5. I am so sorry for Logan’s family. We’ll pray. I wish I could say I Knew the best way to deal with the grief. I am still trying to find a balance. We will pray for you too. As I said at Ethan’s funeral. It is a beautifully heartwrenching world your in. Close losses do mean another angel watching over Rudy though.

  6. it’s impossible to look at that beautiful, smiling face and not weep for his family. my prayers go out to them and for them.

  7. Oh my gosh. I’m crushed. Please extend our love, prayers and condolences to Logan’s family. We are all so sorry and will continue to think of them during this very difficult time.

  8. There are no words, no words. Just tears and sighs too deep for words. May the sweetness of Logan’s life bring joy in the remembering, along with all the tears for what never will be. The sweet memories and the tears are both gifts of God. May you, dear Geylings, find the strength you need to keep moving forward, despite the uncertainty with which you live each and every day. And may your friends know at a very deep level that their beautiful boy is safe and secure in the arms of Jesus. Oh my, I am so sorry.


  9. Tears have welled up uncontrollably and my heart aches for the loss of this precious little boy. I have pictured in my mind how sweet it would be when Logan and Rudy could be playmates and splash around in the surf together. I know he is with Jesus and that is the only source of peace that can possibly help heal the sorrow of all who loved him. Even so, it is hard to understand God’s plan. Love to all, Grandma Jo

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