Where Are We Now?

     It is the eve before Rudy’s 1st birthday and the memories of this time last year are both a big blur and so vivid.  It feels like de ja vu as, like last year, we are busily preparing for the Rescue Mission’s annual fundraiser that is happening this Saturday.  Rudy came just 3 days before the Bayou last year and I think we must have sent a few folks into a bit of a panic when news spread that we were at UCLA but it all worked out wonderfully…Rolf and I were able to make it back for the event after Rudy was safely settled in the CTICU and before his heart surgery the following Monday and I remember it being such an encouragement to be in the company of so many dear friends in the midst of our whirlwind start to our journey with Rudy. 

     Here we are a year later and I can’t help but remember the times in the CTICU when we were naive but also intuitive enough to know that the concerned look on the docs’ faces wasn’t a good sign…or the call I got from Dr. Marie when she told me they had to do CPR on Rudy and I RAN back to the hospital with tears streaming down my face terrified of what I’d find when I got there…or the week in December after several surgical procedures in a row when Rudy’s hair fell out and he looked like he had had ENOUGH!  So many memories both hard and wonderful and tomorrow we add to the wonderful memories.

     I’m not sure what I thought life would look like at this point but I do feel like we’re doing better than one would expect.  I’ve been asked lately how we’re doing and I’d have to say we’re doing well.  We are managing the essentials of home and family…our lawn may be dead, but our sheets are clean…our photos aren’t making it into the albums but homework is getting done and turned in on time.  I think the most noticeable longterm side effect is our lack of energy…life feels pretty balanced when we are engaged in the normal routine but when something changes, is added to it or we are faced with a minor annoyance, Rolf and I notice the lack of reserve.  This isn’t to say we don’t have our bad days or aren’t preoccupied by the stress of work, money, Rudy’s upcoming surgery, kid concerns, etc. but the big picture is blessed.

     When we brought Rudy home from the hospital back in May, I remember hoping he’d be sitting up by his first birthday and, I suppose, we could obsess over all the things he’s not doing yet but the reality is he HAS come a long way.  Four months ago, he was still looking predominently to his left unable to reach out and grab for objects.  Now he is able to track with his eyes moving his head from side to side, he can grab his little paci toy and get it to his mouth, he is starting to roll to his side, he is kicking his legs in excitement and, of course, he is smiling more and more…that reasurring smile that absolutely brightens the room.  He is even learning how to play “peek-a-boo” as demonstrated in the video below:

     Bottom line:  Our one-year-old is limited in ways but knows only LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and gives so much JOY, JOY, JOY.  Rudy’s reality may not be perfect but it is rich.  How grateful we are…

18 thoughts on “Where Are We Now?

  1. Sooo Cute! What a moment to remember! You’ve come a long way, baby! Have a wonderful celebration tomorrow…birthdays aren’t just special for the birthday child, they’re pretty special for the parents too! Thoughts and birthday wishes from us in CT!

  2. Happy Birthday Rudy! We’ll all wear our Rudy bracelets tomorrow! What a big day…wish we could join you at McDonald’s but we’ll celebrate hopefully next weekend!! I might have to have some McD’s on my own just to be part of things!

  3. Happy Birthday dear Rudy!
    the Geyling girls will make a special trip to McD’s here in Boston in your honor! We LOVE LOVE LOVE you and all your brave and beautiful family.
    Aunt Andi, Maya, and Kyra

  4. Happy Birthday precious Rudy.
    Happy Birthday to ALL you Geylings for the love you give to our special boy.
    Blessings and Gods Love Bussi Oma + Opa

  5. Wow…what a year it has been for you all. But we rejoice with you that Rudy is growing and thriving–and he does bring so much joy! We are thankful for God’s faithfulness to you during this past year and the wild Rudy-ride you’ve been on.

    Can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow! Love and hugs…

  6. Happy First Birthday, sweet Rudy!! Congrats to a special family who is aware of God’s special blessings! Love Jane and Joe

  7. I don’t measure my son’ progress against anything else than his attitude. When the time comes and his language skills aren’t up to what he considers happiness and communication, then I will adress the issue. Rudi and his abilities are close to the same in my book. He may lag now, but that doesn’t mean the situation will continue. Like an awkward gangly teenager, he will either catch up one day or forge his own path. Your entire family deserves the greatest of congratulations and appreciation for making the upmost effort for Rudi and the entire family. I come from a large family group and I just can’t think of a challenge equal to yours. I feel blessed and somehow left out that we never were challenged to rise to the heights you have.
    Hug your children, yourselves, and thank the lord for what you have achieved.

  8. Happy Happy almost Birthday Rudy! We will be cheering you on for your birthday tomorrow and for the whole new year ahead. Hugs and kisses from all of us. Teagan says a special hi! XXOOXX

  9. Happy birthday Rudy! We will go to McDs here in Temple City with our Rudy bracelets on to celebrate with you. Rolf and Trish, your perspective as always is spot-on, brings glory to Him, and is inspiring to others. I TOTALLY understand the long-term effect of lack of energy, but LOVE the way you celebrate the important things that ARE getting done and the achievements that you all ARE reaching. So what for the things that don’t get done like they used to or aren’t on other people’s time table! WELL DONE! Happy birthday and have a great fund raiser!

  10. Happy Birthday to you Rudy! Enjoy that McDonald’s birthday party and know we love all of you very much.

  11. Happy 1st Birthday, Rudy! I love you little man and your wonderful family. Enjoy that sundae at Mickey D’s! THanks for the beautiful writing Trish. Love to you all, Kelly

  12. Trish, Rolf, and family,
    I truly am in awe of what our God has done for Rudy and how he has sustained you in this incredible journey. Look how far you have come. Each step so crucial and sometimes unknown. God is GREAT though and has given you so many supporters. You have been such a testimony for so many!!!! God bless you and a BIG HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO RUDY!!!!! Continued blessings, peace, and as I say to myself, one step at a time!!

    Love, kisses, and hugs!

  13. We have just arrived home from Branson, Missouri with two other couples from our church. We had a fun-filled time with laughter, good food and interaction with these special friends. We stopped on the way home today at a McDonald’s some place in Missouri and took our group picture as we wished you Happy Birthday, Rudy! All of us have prayed for you all year long and are so proud of all the progress you have made.
    Grandpa and I are thinking of you this evening as you celebrate in Santa Barbara. We send our love to you and your Mom, Dad, Wilson, Max and Olivia. Wish we could be there! ……….Always, Grandma Jo

  14. those smiles, looks and expressions say it all, LOVE. Hope today was the best, Happy Birthday. Nick’s Grandma

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