Break Out the Birthday Decorations!

Gettin' ready to decorate...
Gettin' ready to decorate...

Wow, it truly is hard to believe that one week from today Rudy will celebrate his 1st birthday.  All those months in the hospital I didn’t allow myself to look very far into the future and since we’ve been home, life has been so full and active I haven’t had much time to think about it…but here we are – a year later and getting ready to celebrate a major milestone.  We may look a little tattered and worn but our family is certainly richer for the experiences of the last year and we are deeply blessed by the joy and laughter Rudy brings to the scene.

Our “Rudy’s Beat” community of family and friends has been a big part of the blessing of this past year through your prayers and encouragement.  Because you are a significant player in Rudy’s journey so far,  we wanted to extend an invitation to you to take part in a “worldwide” cyber-celebration.  We invite you to wear Rudy blue (aqua), do something special  or creative next Thursday, October 1st in honor of Rudy’s birthday and email us a pic of you celebrating.   As if that isn’t fun enough, all cyber-guests will recieve a party favor so be sure to email us your mailing address too!  Ha Ha

We have a tradition in our family of sending “cousin cash” to our nieces and nephews each year on their birthday…a small gift that the birthday boy or girl can pool together and get something they really want.  For those who feel so inclined, in lieu of sending Rudy a gift, we’d like to invite you to send a small “cousin cash” donation to in his honor.  Katie Manning, along with her parents, was and continues to be a source of inspiration to us and we would be blessed to see the very practical help her parents are providing to ICU kids and their families through their organization supported. 

Locally, we’ve decided to keep things LOW KEY but if you happen to be in the Santa Barbara area, please join us at the McDonald’s on Fairview Ave. (ocean side off the 101 – and not just ANY McDonald’s, this is the birthplace of the Egg McMuffin!  So, for those of you who don’t do fast food – Kelly- it’s kind of like going to a museum!) for a hot fudge sundae…we’ll be there Thursday evening from 6:30-8:00pm on the patio!  Ha Ha 

Okay, gang, get creative and LET’S PARTY!!!!


15 thoughts on “Break Out the Birthday Decorations!

  1. Yeah, what a great idea!!! Can’t wait to celebrate! 🙂
    Wish I could join you all for a hot fudge sundae too.
    The pictures are awesome…as usual

  2. Wow!! I can’t believe a year has gone by!!! Love the smile…something you longed for 11 months ago! Maybe Amy, Vickie and I will go to our McDonald’s for hot fudge sundae next week! Blessings and wishes from Connecticut!!

  3. Now that’s a party pose if I ever saw one!!! Trish I thought you were going low-key……

    Fun! I do have an aqua shirt….

  4. Happy Almost birthday! We will be celebrating with you from La Mesa. I think Dawn & Steve have an awesome idea, maybe we’ll hit our local Mc D’s as well. Happy Happy birthday Rudy!

  5. Rudy, you are one amazing little boy! We will most certainly celebrate you by having a ‘Rudy Party day’ up here in the Valley…just for you!

    Shawn, Krista Sue & Benjamin

  6. Rudy looks great, enjoy; we will be thinking of you on that very special day, prayers for all, Nick’s Grandma

  7. Party!!!! WHat a year it has been and what a blessing this little man is. I knew somehow, someway McDonald’s would make an appearance. No Geyling celebration is complete without a little MickeyD fix. 🙂 Heck, no Geyling DAY is complete without a little MickeyD fix!!!!!!! Trish, you go girl!!!!

  8. We are ready to join the party—

    We are taking a trip with friends to Branson, Missouri and will take Rudy (via our Rudy bracelets) to celebrate. Grandma Jo is also packing an aqua-colored top to wear with appropriate jeans on his big day.

    There will be a McDonald’s wherever we happen to be and we will raise an iced tea toast to The Birthday Boy! (Snapshots to follow.)

    Happy 1st Birthday, Rudy. Jesus loves you and so do we.

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