Ask not what your elementary school can do for you…

Fans of Rudy often comment on his winning charm and determination.  This is a trait shared with his siblings, something which was fully evident today.  Among the heightened activity this week, big brother Max decided to run for student council vice president of La Patera Elementary School.  His campaign platform probably garnered many votes by virtue of its ambitious agenda on many of the key issues:  the pursuit of happiness (more money for sports equipment); the First Amendment (establishment of a school newspaper); health care (a hand sanitizer in every classroom) and personal privacy (higher bathroom stalls).  But recognizing that some voters might base their decisions on style over substance, he borrowed from McDonald’s to create a creative marketing campaign for his posters–“Big Max…I’m lovin him!”   The week of pressing the flesh culminated in the campaign speech he taped for the school’s in-room video system.  Here’s a copy of his dress rehearsal at home.

As you might already have inferred by virtue of the fact that I’m posting it here, Max phoned me happily as soon as he got home from school to report that his campaign was successful.  It brought to mind my own glory days in the realm of politics (Student Council President of Madison High School back in 1985).  Perhaps with the sun setting on Hyannis Port, a new Camelot begins…

12 thoughts on “Ask not what your elementary school can do for you…

  1. Congratulations Max! You’ve got my vote. Notice how in the Geyling home McDonald’s always seems to have a way of sneaking in somewhere?

  2. Congratulations Max! I finally met your little brother Rudy today. He smiled and smiled at me as I was talking with your mom and Lisa Call. What a blessing he is. My prayers are always with you all.

  3. Congratulations from Mike and me, Max. We saw the speech and most certainly would have voted for you!

    Your fellow ASBers,
    Allison and Mike

  4. Nice speech! I loved it! although strangly i was craving a mcflurry. good luck with the votes and when they come forward after the win and ask questions …just remember to ask them if they want it super sized? Glad to hear all is going “to plan” with Rudy. I’m stoked he will be home for his bday. I can’t wait to see him and kiss those cheeks! Go Rudy Go!!! xoxo

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