A perfect 4.0!!!

Lots to smile about; and nobody smiles like Rudy!

July 6

rudy smile

I think Rudy likes being home almost as much as we like having him here.  We enjoyed seeing him make it through his first week ever without a doctor’s appointment.  Given some of the med changes we’ve made over the past few weeks, we were curious as to what the report would be at his check-in with the cardiologist today.

We’ve gotten pretty good at reading chest Xrays, but echocardiograms are still very mysterious.  The process involves sitting quietly in the darkened room waiting as multi-colored blips flash across the screen accompanied by the sound of rhythmic pulses.  Lots of different measurements are taken and the print button is regularly hit when there seems to be a splotch worth capturing for posterity.  Only when it’s all over does the verdict come–and this time it was a good one.  Dr. Harake feels that there is nothing about Rudy’s heart function such that we need to schedule the Glenn.  Rudy can keep on enjoying life at home and continue eating and getting bigger (today he weighed in at 15 lbs 5 oz!).  His next appointment with the cardiologist is in early August so if his O2 sats remain in the 70s (today he came in at 77!) and there are no changes in his heart function between now and then, we have a real good chance of holding off on the Glenn until the fall. 

As far as the lab work, we were very curious as to his Potassium level as this needs to be closely watched and balanced for proper heart function.  Among the recent med changes, we discontinued Potassium supplements, so we were interested to see what his level was.  Turns out you not only want to see a 4.0 on your kid’s school report card; it’s also the number you want to see when your checking the potassium level in his blood.  And that’s right where it was–Rudy is doing great inside and out!

35 thoughts on “A perfect 4.0!!!

  1. what a way to start my day……hope your days continue to be good….Rudy looks terrific, Nick’s Grandma

  2. Rudy looks so happy! I’m sure you’re all enjoying the time at home. Glad to hear all the good news!

  3. He looks so wonderful! Being at home with his family really seems to be the best medicine. Rudy is clearly a 4.0 kinda guy. Keep the great news coming!

  4. Wow! What great news! Rudy is looking great and what a fantastic smile! After attempting to understand echos for years…I gave up. Now I sit back while Nick watches a movie and the dark room with the soothing sounds nearly puts me to sleep! Hope Rudy continues to enjoy life at home, exactly where he belongs!!

  5. I just want to squeeze you!!! you are SO CUTE….and you look more and more like…..Max? Can’t decide! Praise God on the 4.0!

  6. I love those photos! That is one cute and good looking kid. Looking healthy too and from what you said he is making some great strides in the health department. Keep up the good work Rudster.

  7. Wow, double wow, WOW. That 2nd shot is one of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen in my life – such a loving, rested, contented look on his marvelous face. Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of a week without doctor’s visits, for a GREAT report on the latest echo, for the amazing curative powers of family life, for ‘steady as she goes’ kind of results, both inside and out. God is good, Rudy is adorable, the Geyling family is operating ABOVE the 4.0 level – what a summer!

  8. darling smiles Rudy, love to see your smile. Great news on all fronts. We will keep praying for continued progress and good health as always, hugs and kisses.

  9. What wonderful news and what an adorable child! You two sure know how to make beautiful children!!!!

  10. We are SOOO happy Rudy’s progress continues. Wish you could bring him to Kansas for our reunion. But we will settle for this good progress and his beaming smiles.

    Grandpa Dick got a great report, too. An MRI on Monday shows no tumor regrowth of any kind. Wow! Exceptional report and we are thankful.

    Love to all, Grandma Jo from Jayhawk country.

  11. Oh my goodness! What a cutie! What personality he is getting. A real charmer! And so glad about the good news at the check up. He continues in my prayers!

  12. What a beatiful child with the best smile ever! Thanks for the continued medical updates.

    Katie’s Nana

  13. That is the cutest set of pics, ever!!! I feel so grateful to have held that sleepy boy today!!

  14. God is so good!! Rudy looks great and has a winning smile; better watch the little girls around him! All of you are his Angels Love, Jane and Joe

  15. I stop by every few days to check in on your wonderful family! Rudy is really starting to look like his siblings. What an adorable kiddo. I’m so pleased with his progress. You are the BEST parents! Thank you for your blog. I have an adorable preemie girl right now waiting for adoption. An easy keeper and a little sweetheart. Smiles all the time! I love what I do.Blessings to your family. Love, Cindy

  16. I am an avid Rudysbeat blog follower. I love to read about his progress, see the pictures and learn how he is doing. But today…. SO Precious! I have visited the site 2..3 times just to look at that smile. He made it!!! I knew when he tasted what a loving and wonderful home he had that that would speed his progress. I was right. Yeah!

  17. Great news about Rudy……now about ME! I am going bald, and since Rudy seems to have A LOT of Hair and is looking so adorable it got me thinking about how little kids, dog and kittens are scared of the mean bald man who scowls a lot. With Rudy hair I will be cute and adorable again.

    I was wondering if I could trade swim lessons for Brudy Rudy Hair! How about 3 inches off the top, a little super glue and we’re set. The little Stallion will never miss it.

    God Bless your family Rolfie!

  18. Awsome! Love those pictures and the great medical update. Your good fortune means I don’t get to see him so soon again and that is really a good thing, but I really miss him at UCLA!

  19. What an awesome smile – he’s been watching all of you – the Smilin Geylin clan! We’re so glad for all the good news.

  20. What a beautiful sight to see! He is so happy! (I can see a definite resemblance to Olivia, when she was a babe.) So happy for you guys that you are starting to enjoy a bit of normal life.I continue to pray for God’s Blessing on Rudy and your family.

  21. What a wonderful smile,he surely knws where the love is —- AT Home
    Perfect ” 4 ” yippie, and all the good reports.
    Happy times.
    Love you lots Oma

  22. Great news and AWESOME pictures! God is so good. And everybody says, “All the time”!!!

  23. WoW! What a blessing…a whole week without appointments!
    Rudy looks sooo happy and content! Is that what a whole week
    of being home with the family does??? It was great to hear about
    how well Grandpa Dick is doing, too! Thank you Lord for 2 great
    blessings! Rudy is sooo cute and growing! Blessings to you….
    we miss you! Ann, Curt and Luci

  24. We just add our ditto to all the above comments. How precious he is with that smile. He’s a charmer!!

    Praise the Lord for bringing him to this point.

    Psalm 116: “I love the Lord because he hears and answers my prayers. Because he bends down and listens, I will pray as long as I have breath!!”

  25. Lovin’ those smiles! What a milestone week…
    Can’t wait to see Olivia @ VBS next week, we’ll have a great time! Hugs!

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