Heads Up!

Rudy working on neck control during therapy
Rudy working on neck control during therapy


Show off!!
Show off!!

     The big boy had some “tummy time” for the first time in therapy yesterday and I think he liked the sensation of his head held high without any support.  He beared the weight himself  and was pretty comfortable as long as his fist was stuffed in his mouth!! 

      A couple of other noteworthy milestones is that Rudy now has a tooth on top to join the two that sprouted on the bottom…one tooth closer to In n’ Out!  And his right foot is finally free of his wound dressing as the last scab from the IV potassium burn he got back in late April  during hospital stay #2 fell off this morning.  Nurse Jane was impressed at its progress when she came to check on Rudy last week and affirmed us for making it through the 2+ month healing process without any infections or complications.  The human body amazes me in its ability to heal and Rudy’s body especially as he has had so many wounds from which to heal.  I’m struck by the number of scars on his little body and am led to pray that the physical scars far outnumber the scars of the heart…that, although he faces daily physical challenges, his life will be marked by a spirit of genuine joy and optimism. 

15 thoughts on “Heads Up!

  1. Oh my gosh! Rudy looks sooooo good! He looks happy and well. Look at him on his tummy. Love to you all!

  2. That is so dang cute. He’s looking like a little man. What an awesome sight to see. Can’t wait for the photo of his first bite into a double-doubel!

  3. He looks pretty sure of himself there! Seems like he is rapidly turning into a real little boy–no longer a baby. Way to go, Rudy!!

  4. Yippee, Rudy. You are racking up a score of firsts and we are so pleased with your progress. God has been good through all of this. Our two weeks with all of you recently were so special. Love ‘n hugs, Grandma Jo

  5. I love starting or finishing my day by reading such good news on Rudy’s daily happenings….the guys in our lives have been keeping us busy–Nick had a good cath. and needed work done—but his Great Grandpa(my Dad, broke his femur the day before his 90) We enjoy the circle of life in our family, ; as I see Rudy has that beautiful circle….bless all of you, Nick’s Grandma

  6. Great news and wonderful progress. We love to get these updates! Our prayers are with you as you move forward with whatever God has in store for you.
    Hugs and kisses.

  7. Looking more and more like his brothers and sister every day! I just want to eat him up. He is SO cute!
    So glad to hear that he is making great progress. 🙂

  8. What a handsome little boy! He’s looking great and the reports of his pogress are wonderful AND heart-warming! Keep it up, Rudy!

  9. OMG! Rudy just keeps getting cuter and improving ever so much every day!!! Honestly, although I love Michael Jackson’s music, etc. (R.I.P.), it is great to hear other great news happening in Santa Barbara besides MJ and Neverland.

    You Go Rudy!!

  10. What a beautiful baby boy and yes, he’s lookin’ more and more like his sibs with each post!

    The fist in the mouth…uh, do you have any Italian in you? Or maybe he’s practicing for that In and Out burger… with cheese please.

    Thanks so much for sharing you journey with so many of us, like me, that you don’t even know!!

    God bless you and … Go Rudy, Go!

    Jo Saraceno

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