Rudy isn’t very good at “Hide ‘n Seek”

Well, we said goodbye to G’ma Jo yesterday which marked the end of our “month o’ grandparent fun”.  Although Rudy is definitely missing the extra Oma/Gma lovin’ he recieved, it was clear yesterday that he certainly isn’t deprived of hugs and kisses because Wilson, Max and Olivia gave him a continuous supply of both as they were in and out all day at various activities and adventures.  The way they were carrying-on, you’d think they were Rudy-deprived!  Ha Ha  It was so cute at one point, Rudy was asleep in the living room and at different times all three kids walked through the room, stopped to look at Rudy sleeping and made the comment that he is the sweetest baby…’so glad we’re all in agreement!  🙂


     Rudy had another great week of therapy here at the house.  We continue to work with him on grabbing for objects, head and neck control and turning onto his side.  It’s a little staggering to think about all he has to learn but it feels good to have a plan and be working toward specific objectives.  As always, “one day at a time”.  Rudy is so blessed to have three older sibilings ready to help him learn about all kinds of things.  The other evening Rolf went to Rudy’s crib to give him his 6 o’clock meds and was a bit startled to find he wasn’t there!  Rolf called out “Hey, where’s Rudy?” and proceeded to follow the long trail of oxygen tubing that extended down the hallway and around the corner leading into Wilson’s room.  Rolf found Wilson giving Rudy a tour of his room highlighting his dragon posters, bookshelf of spy novels and history books, his drumset and bins of toys in the closet that we are now saving for Rudy’s use in the not-so-distant future!  Having his oxygen tubing long enough to reach any room in the house is very convenient for us but, we discovered, puts Rudy at a severe disadvantage when playing a game of “Hide ‘n Seek”.  He’s not to worry, though; he won’t be tethered to the concentrator forever! 

     This next week will be his first “dr. appt.-free” week since we brought him home!!!  Yippy!!  It looks like we have been approved for a few hours of respite nursing care each week through the Regional Center (love them!!) so my focus this week will be to get the scheduling for that set up and in place.  Slowly but surely things are coming together and we are grateful.

     One last big thank you to all the grandparents for making the trip out to California this month…an effort we don’t take for granted!  As always, memory making moments…

"Everybody wave!"
"Everybody wave!"



Kisses from G'ma Jo
Kisses from G'ma Jo







Maxi captured this smile
Maxi captured this smile

13 thoughts on “Rudy isn’t very good at “Hide ‘n Seek”

  1. What a blessedly beautiful, almost normal week you’ve had! So nice to read and look at the pictures. Thank you for posting for us when things are going really well – it is so helpful to see the whole picture of your life. Many blessings to you all as you continue to enjoy each other this summer.

  2. So good to see Rudy smiling in several pictures lately. He is a beautiful boy-just like the rest of the clan!

  3. just the uplift I needed to read such smoothe sailing right now for Rudy, stay off the roller coaster for awhile and just give us more of those smiles……bless all of you, Nick’s Grandma

  4. love the smile and think your kids are extraordinary but then look at the parents! I mean that sincerely. What a joy to hear and see and be a small part of the prayer that covers this precious one….actually all of you!

  5. Oh my goodness, how cute is that boy!? So glad to hear things are going so well! It good to check his page and not see an update every hour or day…that means life is moving toward “normal.” Aren’t grandparents wonderful!?

  6. Rudy is looking SO good! I think that these pictures, especially, show such healthy coloring and plumpness! We’re still cheering you guys on!!

  7. What great photos! It was so good to see you all and the Rudster yesterday at church. Rolf rocked the Nazarenes in the Goodland!

  8. I love these photos!! Nice pool too!! I love Rudy’s first smile and all the progress made. Big kudos to the kids for really teaching their little brother and just demonstrating God’s love in so many ways!!

    God bless, stay positive and be strong! Yes, one step at a time is what I always say!


  9. Awww, what a sweetie! Love the updates with all the stories and hearing how great things are going! You guys are not only wonderfully blessed, but such a blessing to us all!

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