6 thoughts on “More Photos

  1. What a beautiful pictorial summary!

    Rudy, you are such a gift from God….what a blessing to celebrate you and commit you to this big adventure with Him!

  2. Sorry we missed this wonderful celebration! We were definitely there with you in spirit. We had Mark’s son in town that night and couldn’t break away. Looks like it was a special time. Looking forward to touching base soon, Trish…maybe we’ll see you all this Sunday when Rolf come to preach.
    Hugs, Becky

  3. it is SO nice to hear that someone else has gone through this, as our NP just came in and said that it is NOT common, and she hasn’t dealt with one for a long time and would have to sudy up on it….

    They told us the pleurodesis is painful…and it is sort of a last resort. But I want to be realistic as Jack hasn’t proved to be responsive to diuretics. Is it as awful as they make it sound? Did it work successfully for you? I would love to know that there good be an end to this nightmare.

    Thank you for following- we’ll stay in touch.


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