…and now the fall

Perhaps to check the super-competence I was feeling in my last post, this morning was markedly different.  Got Rudy’s overnight feed ready last night and then drifted off to sleep expecting my alarm to wake me at midnight so I could start the pump.  I either didn’t set it or slept right through as the next time I looked at the clock it was past 4am.  Jumped out of bed, did some recalculating in my head to speed up the flow rate and then pushed start.  Around 5:30am, Trish brought it to my attention that I hadn’t connected the pump to Rudy, so his midnight snack pumped down the side of the crib and into the carpet.  I did another recalculation and set the pump on warp speed to make up for a good bit of the missed calories.  End result:  in 20 minutes, Rudy got all but 80 of the calories he was supposed to get over six hours.  Side effect:  I believe his eyes should recess back into their normal position by the time I get home from work.  Sorry, Rudy–some days Daddy doesn’t bring the A-game.

I don’t think Rudy will be any worse for wear, but feeding is the name of the game right now.  We were encouraged that he broke the 14lb barrier this week, so that’s headed in the right direction.  I guess we all marvel at how quickly our kids grow in the first year of life, but it’s even amazing for me to see the difference in Rudy since the pictures taken on his discharge day.  Must be that home cooking (when it actually gets to him)!

This morning (Thursday), Livy told us how much she wishes the dedication service was tonight.  Her enthusiasm matches ours.  We can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with so many of you who have prayed for Rudy and carried our family through this time.  In case you are joining us, we are hoping to have the reception afterwards outdoors, but even a nice night in SB can be chilly–bring a sweater.  Can’t wait to see you–Friday, 6:30pm.

13 thoughts on “…and now the fall

  1. I soooo wish I could be with y’all tomorrow night… Celebrating with you from Virginia. -Jen Hopkins

  2. I love your updates Rolfy, I appreciate your humility, honesty and sense of humor. Look forward to seeing you in July, give all the fam a hug for me!

  3. Well, sounds like no harm done except a bit of a mess to clean up. 🙂 Would love to come to the dedication and show you my 12 year old hlhs kid but unfortunately we are on the other coast. I’m sure it will be great time. Looking forward to the pics!


  4. Will be thinking of you all as you gather to worship and celebrate tomorrow! One of these days, we’ll actually make some kind of connection in person. :>)

  5. All my wishes and prayers for a wonderful dedication for Rudy. He has been blessed many times over, and we know he will continue to be in God’s grace.

    And don’t worry about the feeds…we all make mistakes!

  6. guess sometimes we have to laugh, reminded me of when my son and daughter-in-laws twins were born(now 6yr. old) and one baby was fed twice during the night;and the other one not at all; they cried and fussed so much…..Mom and Dad didn’t ,being tired,know their mistake. Tomorrow;”let the light shine upon you” , Bless All of You, Nick’s Grandma

  7. I’m so so sorry to miss this celebration! We are in Santa Rosa visiting our youngest, Lauren for her birthday. It’s been planned a long time. I will have a tummy toast of good Cab Napa is known for. Here’s to u Rudy….Cheers!!!

  8. I’m cracking up! I have forgot to turn on the pump… or turned it off at who knows what time in the middle of the night… and YES… I have forgot to plug it in at night and woke to puddles of gooey formula down the crib and pooled on the carpet!!! 🙂

    These are the moments you will look back on and LAUGH!!! Oh, thanks for the laugh.


  9. We are so excited for Rudy’s dedication. We will have to be with you in spirit. I wish we could be there in person though. May God bless Rudy and his precious life!

  10. Thank you for sharing your story! I wish we could be there in person tomorrow… but it looks like we are unfortunately going to have to miss the celebration. We are there in spirit. I know you will take lots of photos and we look forward to seeing them. We hope to visit with you in the next two weeks when we are in Carpinteria for our annual trip. Blessings to Rudy and all of the Geylings on this special, special day! Much Love, The Borkovich Family

  11. God has a great sense of humor. Guess he put ol’ MacGyver on check, eh? 🙂 That is funny stuff. Looking forward to the Party tonight!

  12. Hey Geylings! It was so great seeing you all today at Rudy’s dedication. Rudy looks great, as do all of you. What a great way to celebrate Rudy’s amazing journey!!!

    Here is the link to my SPOT device to track the progress of my John Muir Trail Hike:


    As always, I will be thinking of Rudy during my journey, wishing him and the entire family a great beginning to summer vacation. I’ll see you all when I get back!


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