Update from the Cath Lab–Angioplasty

Trish just got a call from Dr. Leigh in the Cath Lab.  He said they were almost done and wanted consent to do an angioplasty as they detected a narrowing in the pulmonary artery.  We can deduce from this that, first of all, they were able to get all the access they needed and, second, that they were able to get good images of the heart.  So, the angioplasty would fall among the interventional steps I mentioned previously that Dr. Dan can do to improve Rudy’s outcome when it comes to the Glenn.  They’ll insert a balloon in the catheter to open things up.  We live in an amazing world!  Hoping my next post will be the one to tell you he’s out and Trish is on her way upstairs.

7 thoughts on “Update from the Cath Lab–Angioplasty

  1. Cam’s had several balloonings – it’s truly amazing. Hope to hear Trish and Rudy are on their way upstairs soon.

  2. prayers for all, we will be thinking of all of you and Rudy. {Nick had surgery on the pulmonary artery to the left lung yrs. back, thank God we just returned from his 4th gr. band concert} It is amazing what can be done today, we have been blessed and continue to pray for Rudy. Nick’s Grandma

  3. Prayers for Trish and Rudy as sometimes coming out of the cath meds are tough! Makes for a longer night after a long day!

  4. We await a positive cath lab result for Rudy. All of you remain in our prayers.

    Katie’s Nana

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