Look Dad–No Trach!!!

Rudy gave me quite a start this morning as I was going through the morning routine of meds, suction and breathing treatments.  On coming back to his crib at one point, I noticed his trach was at a very peculiar angle off to the side.  It took a bit to figure it out, but his little wimpers made it clear that he was no longer breathing through the trach.  Perhaps in his displeasure over the morning routine, he managed to undo the velcro on his trach ties and pulled the thing just about all the way out.  All things considered, we stayed pretty calm–but Trish sure got up quickly and popped the thing back in there while I held him still.  People often note that we’re not easily rattled by some of the things our kids attempt (climbing to the very tops of trees, skateboard ramps or jumping off the roof into the pool) but I’d prefer Rudy not attempt a stunt like that again until the doctors say it’s time for that trach to come out.

Followers of Rudy’s Beat often ask us how the Mannings are doing.  They have been on our hearts this week as Tuesday would have been Katie’s first birthday.  I recommend you click over to their blog and read Alan’s post this week.  Though we certainly regret the circumstances in our families that brought us together, we sure are glad for such friends.

3 thoughts on “Look Dad–No Trach!!!

  1. guess there are very few dull moments in your life, but we thank God for how Rudy is doing right now, as we head to the Cape for the holiday we pray you have a peaceful weekend……….Rudy will keep you on your toes, God Bless, Nick’s Grandma

  2. Thanks for that link, Rolf. I found myself wondering about the Mannings when you linked us to that sad post last week. Katie’s dad writes so evocatively – I am happy they have another baby to love, but know that they must walk this part of the journey with some anxiety as well as joy. And I’m so glad you and Trish have had lots of practice with settling down parental nerves with your big kids so that you can handle Rudy’s experiences with aplomb. Jumping into the pool from the roof?? You’ve got to be kidding me!!

  3. Rudy = amenable
    me = traveling with Harriet
    boo-hoo…..would love to have come to the celebration otherwise!!

    blessings, Linda

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