Home, Smoky Home.

Drama seems to surround Rudy even if he’s oblivious to it.  Trish made it home after an uneventful trip and Rudy has been asleep almost continually since he’s been home.  We had a good visit from Jane, our visiting nurse and she gave him a thorough checkover and made sure we were all clear on the discharge instructions.  We’ve been giving him all of his feeds through the G-tube at OT Nicole’s suggestion to just let him relax.

Rudy’s brothers and sister are excited to have him home, but this evening we’ve been focusing a good bit of attention outside the house tonight.  The wind shifted and the fires are headed our way.  We don’t seem to be in any danger, but the air is such that we’ve had to close the windows making for a rare night where we wished we had air conditioning–or maybe even long for the uncomfortably cold climate in the ICU.  More than anything, it’s tough to go up on the roof, see the flames and think of friends’ addresses within the rapidly growing evacuation zones.  Gonna be a long night, but Ithink we might be losing sleep over something other than Rudy.

11 thoughts on “Home, Smoky Home.

  1. Praise the LordRudy is home safely and you are all together.
    Praying that the fires will die down and all will be safe.

  2. prayers for all of you and the surrounding people, hope today is a good day for Rudy and his family….Dawn’s Mom

  3. Prayers for your family together once more but also prayers for your area as I watch the increasingly alarming fire being swept your way. Be safe today!

  4. We are glad Rudy is ho,e with the family. We pray that the fires will be under control soon. We saw the fires on the news and our prayers go out to all those families effect by the fires. Be save and God Bless, GPD

  5. Glad to hear that everyone is home together where you all belong! Praying for everyone in your area.

  6. Blessings to all of you and for Rudy being home. My prayers are with you with all that is going on in SB too!!! Again, please call if you need anything!


  7. Praying for SB. How that community has taken a beating this year from fires! Praying it’s on the road to being extinguished! It’s tough to be around that when it’s happening close to you. May Rudy have another uneventful day and be at peace at home.

  8. I am praying like crazy that y’all are okay and that Rudy is enjoying being at home. How close are the fires to you??

  9. More prayers your way for safety from the fires, and that you won’t have to evacuate. You don’t need that extra stress! And I hope and pray that the smoke doesn’t adversely affect Rudy’s breathing. Should you maybe ask someone about it?

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