Loaded and Ready…

Well, Dr. Bulut gave us the order to be discharged at rounds this morning, I loaded my things in the car and have Rudy’s stroller packed full with medical supplies they are just going to throw out after we leave so we are ready to go, go, go!!!!  I signed the necessary papers and have our updated list of meds…now we’re just waiting for the medical supply folks to arrive with the oxygen.  After a quick training on how to use the equipment, Rudy and I will hit the road and will not stop until we get home (no potty breaks for mommy!!!)  I’m praying for a smooth, quick ride especially as we make our way past the fire area in SB (hoping there isn’t any delay on the 101 Freeway).  I’ll post once we’re safely settled at home.

10 thoughts on “Loaded and Ready…

  1. Yippie, Praying you home!! Just in case keeping our fingers and toes crossed
    Have a safe trip. Bussi Oma Opa

  2. Rolf, Trish and family,
    My prayers are with you and Rudy as you continue this unbelievable journey. I also pray for your friends and your safety as you go to SB. Please, if there is anything you need, call!!

    LOL (Lots of Love)

  3. Praise God you are on the way home…am praying for you!!!
    We’ll pray for a long stay at home, too!! God Bless…Ann

  4. Life in Rudy “Time” — glad to hear that Rudy was finally ready. Safe travels home!!

  5. Trish-
    So glad to hear that you and Rudy are up and running !!! Hoping you make it home safely with that little bundle of joy. Love you.

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