Back for awhile

Sorry if these posts are a bit sporadic along with the information therein, but I’m trying to make sense of it all myself here in SB as Trish phones me with updates.  Morning rounds brought a familiar cast of characters around–Drs. Robert, Gary, Ryan, Mary.  We value their input.  Right now Rudy doesn’t appear to be in any kind of distress, but there are enough things unclear about his condition that it looks like we should prepare to be there a few days.

I’ll let Trish fill in the gaps when she gets to the computer and can post.  Of greatest concern is the fact that Rudy’s o2 sats continue to be low.  What blood they could draw showed some issues with white cell counts that could indicate infection.  He has been generally afebrile (no fevers to speak of).  He did cough up a bit more blood this morning.  The team is still having a very hard time drawing any blood from him.  In case what they’re seeing is just the initial stages of an infection, they’ve started him on a three-day course of antibiotics.  If one of the cultures comes back with something specific, they will initiate a more focused and extended antibiotic regimen.

One issue that has to remain in the picture is that Rudy’s heart may be giving indication that the time for the Glenn (2nd operation) is approaching.  I must confess I havn’t gotten around to educating myself as much about that, but one indicator would be the dropping sats.

As I write, Trish is on her way back to SB to gather some stuff to stay at the hospital.  The ride never gets dull.  I like dull.

9 thoughts on “Back for awhile

  1. The drop in 02 SAt was the biggest indicator to us that our Jack was ready for his Glenn. Thinking about you guys.

  2. Oh man, let’s hear it for DULL. Praying, heavy-hearted but trying to release you all to the only arms strong enough for this particular load. Lord, have mercy.

  3. I can’t imagine poor little Rudy having to indure so much. Trying to find a vein in the poor little Guy, grieves my heart. I will pray, pray, pray!

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