My Big Boy is a Pre-Teen!

Happy 12th Birthday Wilson!!!
Happy 12th Birthday Wilson!!!

Once again, it’s hard to believe another little chick is another year older!  It was a full day for Wilson with school and a good bit of homework this afternoon but we enjoyed a yummy home-cooked meal (Wilson’s request) together, a trip to Carvel ice cream for dessert (I stayed home with a sleeping Rudy), and Wilson had fun opening gifts from family and friends…he really enjoyed being remembered.  Happy Birthday Wilson…you make us so very proud!!

Rudy had another good day here at home.  We’re tickled pink we’ve made it 48 hours without having to go back to the hospital.  Both Rolf and I feared we’d end up having to go back for some reason but…so far, so good!  I mentioned earlier that he is sleeping well through the night and we certainly pray that trend continues.  He has also had fairly regular success at eating his full daytime feeds from the bottle!  In the hospital, he would down about half of his feed and then we’d have to put the rest through the feeding tube but several times since we’ve been home, Rudy his finished the entire bottle in less than 40 minutes which is his time limit…that is VERY encouraging to me.  We had our first pediatrician’s appt. today and it was comforting to have a professional look Rudy over and confirm that he is doing well.  Dr. D. Abbott spent a good bit of time with us and was very thorough going through each detail of Rudy’s discharge summary.  The bottom line is we have a number of specialists we need to make contact with in the coming weeks.  Although we have follow-up appts set with doctors down at UCLA, we are going to try to get appts set up with specialists here in town as we’ll need to establish relationships with these doctors long-term anyway.  The trick will be to get appointments set up in the next couple of weeks…if time is an issue, then we always have the UCLA appointments to fall back on.  Rudy will need a follow-up with an ENT doc for his trach, a GI doc for his g-tube, Dr. of endocrinology for his low thyroid function, Dr. of immunology because of his weakened immune system and a pediatric eye doctor for what we hope will be just a one-time visit – there is concern about Rudy’s tendancy to look toward the left and not track consistently AND, of course, he’ll have his on-going relationship with his cardiologist.  So, I’m praying we end up in good hands on all fronts as it seems there will be many of them!

Thankful for a quiet day…and thankful for you!   Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the blog and emails!  You are dear to share in our joy and celebration…

Sleep Tight
Sleep Tight

15 thoughts on “My Big Boy is a Pre-Teen!

  1. Congrats to that magnificent 12 year old – what a grin! And congrats to you and Rolf, Trish, for your excellent and immediate flexibility and adaptability to the demands of having your littlest chick at home. Don’t know if Kovacs treats infants, but he was an excellent gastro guy for our son-in-law – very kind and capable. Here’s hoping you can find all those specialists right here in SB – we’re counting on their being in Rudy’s circle for a good long time.

  2. Happy Birthday Wilson! Cannot believe you are 12…
    And I’m jealous Rudy is sleeping through the night! 20 month-old Lucy needs a stern talking to from him. 🙂

  3. Great news from the home front. Way to go, Geylings! I continue to pray for all of you and I pray that the doctors will line themselves up for easy access and availability.

  4. Happy Birthday Wilson! You’re a cool dude!
    I’m jealous also at Rudy’s sleep habits…my two little ones don’t seem to know the meaning of “through the night”….Way to go Rudy! Love to you all!
    The Burton Family

  5. Happy Birthday Wilson!! I like the collection of books you got. I noticed the nerf product in the corner of the pic as well. We will have to take that for a test run too. Im glad to hear all is going well with Rudy. We will see you soon. xoxo Go Rudy Go!! xoxo

  6. prayers for a peaceful Easter, it has truely been a blessed week for all of you, peaace, Dawn’s Mom

  7. Happy Birthday Wilson! We were just looking at pictures of you when you were a baby a few days ago! Those years just zipped by! Keep being fun, loving Jesus, and smacking those drums!!

    What a darling picture of Rudy!!!!

    The Van Fam

  8. Ahhhh, real clothes and real blankets…the little things in life! I guess Easter really is about rebirth as Rudy begins a life outside UCLA! Enjoy your birthdays and holidays together at last!

  9. We enjoyed talking to Max and Wilson last evening. The reports of the birthday celebrations were so fun for us to hear. The comment Max made about having Rudy home was “Oh, Grandma , he is so cute. I just checked on him and he was fast asleep with his little mouth wide open.” Wilson said, “Rudy is doing so well and I love having him home where we can see him every day. I have seven books to read and our class is going on a field trip to Santa Catalina Island this weekend.” You do have fun at your house. Hang on for the ride, Rudy! Know what? I love you! Talk to you soon, Livy Jo.

  10. He looks so so so handsome and peaceful !
    I can’t wait to see Rudy’s 12th birthday pictures, too !!

  11. Happy birthday, dear Wilson! Soooo happy your dear Rudy is home with his family. We know it’s lots of work and worry but the Lord is guiding you each step of the way! He looks very cozy in his own bed. Love and ongoing prayers, Jane and Joe

  12. Happy Birthday Wilson!
    Luci remembers you and the good times you’ve had.
    We need to get the two of you together to play drums!!
    What a blessing it was to see your new brother, mom
    and dad the other day!! You all are soooo special!!!
    You are in our prayers, too!!!–as you adjust to all being
    together as a family! Yeh! Love ya, Ann for the clan

  13. What a day of rejoicing you will have with the entire family together.

    Happy, Happy Easter. And Welcome to the little bunny who’s finally come home.
    Laurette Connelly

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