I got no lines in me!!!

Rudy's IV stand

This is Rudy’s IV stand.  It is as fine a piece of equipment there could be.  Tall, stable and highly mobile.  I’ve never really pondered the IV stand.  It’s just always been there doing what it’s supposed to do.  It stood by his bedside and accompanied him on every trip for every procedure.  It once bore a lot more pumps than can be seen now–in fact it once was part of a set of as many as three that were arranged around him.  I mention it today because the astute observer will notice that there aren’t any lines that can be seen, because it’s NOT ATTACHED ANYMORE!  For the last week or so, it’s only been hooked up to deliver a few meds, but with the removal of the last pic line today there’s no way to attach it to Rudy anymore.  I think it still has to be in the room on standby, but every chance I get I push it further away from Rudy’s crib.

The last line is removed!
The last line is removed!

The team drew the final labs at noon today and after all of the counts (liver, Potassium) were what they wanted to see, the pic line was removed.  There were some strong feelings about this as it had been in around 40 days and Rudy’s had them in a lot shorter than that before they got infected.  There have been reports that our otherwise civil and measured cardiothoracic surgeon allegedly threatened to put a line in one of the fellows if it wasn’t removed by a stated deadline.  I’m guessing with it’s removal that such measures did not need to be taken, but I may just check the common points of insertion during rounds.

Rudy (and his Daddy the nurse trainee) have made good progress today.  He was switched over to room air this morning, so he’s just getting a simple mist blown to the front of his trach.  His 02 sats are looking good.  We’re trying to keep consistent with feeds–he usually takes about 20-30ccs by bottle and then we put the rest through his Gtube.  We don’t want him to mess too long with the bottle and get tired out and we also want to make sure the feeds don’t drag on too long so that there’s good space between them in order to build an appetite.  We’ll look forward to making progress on this at home because, even though we are trying to regulate the environment there are a number of distractions here in the hospital that upset the schedule.

On Monday, there will be some final discharge discussions.  Dr. Dan would like to do a discharge echo on his heart and then there needs to be some coordination on weaning his different medications.  He’s on an awful lot of drugs due to the number of issues he’s had, so there will be some thought given to what needs to be in place with him in the long term. The team will also make contact with our pediatrician and cardiologist in Santa Barbara to insure a good continuity of care.

There has been quite a buzz around the unit regarding Rudy’s progress.  Everyone is truly excited that this little warrior’s sojurn is coming to an end.  There have already been a couple of goodbyes as folks come off their shifts and there’s no denying the emotion we feel about these people who have been so dedicated to Rudy and our family.  I expect there will be a lot more feelings over the next two days.  I can’t wait until Trish gets here tomorrow morning for the last push.

But before I close, I should mention something else that has caused a buzz in the unit.  Today I perfected my Pacificier Retention System (trademark).  I can’t claim the original germ of the idea as I believe Nurse Aliza was responsible for that, but after another night of standing at Rudy’s bedside and holding the paci for him, I finally figured out a way to stabilize things without making them too tight.  I just needed to poke two more holes into the pacifier for the ear loops (which one obtains by cutting the elastics off of two hospital face shields).  Cutting a notch in the top allows ample room for the nostrils.  Dr. Lee was so impressed he grabbed supplies to take home for his newborn son.  To think, they have the equipment here to do multi-organ transplants, but nary a PRS.  Yes, six months in the ICU gives you a tremendous amount of time to think.

The Geyling PRS (Pacifier Restraint System)
The Geyling PRS (Pacifier Restraint System)

32 thoughts on “I got no lines in me!!!

  1. Too cool for words. So happy for all of this answered prayer and for Rudy just looking so good and strong. Rolf you realize that now you are going to have to let Rudy grow that wild hair long so he can cover up those Prince Charles ears he’s going to have due to your pacifer restraint system! Good thing you guys are such a musial family, because I think the newest edition is going to be a rock star!

  2. Go, Rudy! I am so excited I can’t stand it! You look great line-free! I think you may be having your elevator ride soon. Praying for you all!

  3. Too exciting for words! There is no greater feeling than going home…enjoy every moment…even the tense or apprehensive ones! Savor them all! You deserve to have your family under one roof!

    Continued prayers from CT

  4. Way to go, Rudy!!! What an exciting time….we’re feelin’ it with you! We are so proud of you and thankful to Our Father for His faithfulness!

  5. Well Rolf, aren’t you the clever one! I’ll be expecting to see you on a late night infomercial in no time. I’m so very proud of Rudy’s progress ! What a little gem of a boy. Hold him close. Blessings to you and your family. Cindy

  6. This is such exciting news!!! We are so happy for you all. We will continue to pray you through this.

    I have to say that I wish you would have invented the way to hold the paci in before my four kiddos were born! That is fantastic!

  7. What amazing news to hear Rolf! We have tears in our eyes as we read this. Praise God! Bob and the kids and I are rejoicing with you and also praying for you guys. Love you all so much. Yeah Rudy!

  8. Great news! Can’t wait to hear about your elevator ride soon. Still praying for you.
    Hugs and kisses.

  9. RUDY!!!!! Way to go, Little One! Wow…no more lines, no more IV stand, and only 2 more days in the hospital!!

    You guys have the countdown started for The Elevator Trip! And what a trip that will be!

    Can’t wait for you to have your whole family together. Rudy, are you going to be a happy boy with your sibs doting on you!

    God is good….and He has answered all our prayers! Rejoice!!

    Much Love!

  10. ohmygosh! Amazing, amazing, amazing! I will keep your courageous stories with me forever. I feel like I already know Rudy through the beat, but I look forward to holding him. Better bring home a box of face masks for people to wear before you leave the hospital. I will gladly wear one to be able to hold him. Hey, I REALLY enjoyed the picture of Ms. Olivia’s tooth. That is exactly what I remember it looking like when I asked her if she would let me pull it out for her!! Also, our family really loves your family. You glow love. You are all lovely people to be around. I think your trick is to laugh a lot. You’re inspiring.

  11. This is all such wonderful news. I can’t wait for the post tomrrow that says you are on your way home!!! Many prayers to your family.

  12. if you could only see us, here in Ct., are tears of happiness….as so much to read…..we can only imagine some of the feelings you are going through…….prayers for continue good days for all of you…….and Rudy is number 1 on the list……peace, Dawn’s Mom

  13. How many times did I hear over the baby monitor the pacifier hit the hardwood! I would groan knowing that any second I would next hear a wimper and a wail. Ugh! If only you had developed the PRS six years ago.

    I can hardly contain my excitement for Rudy’s discharge! HOME!!! Click those heels, boy, you’ll be home in no time!

  14. It would sure be fun to be standing in the driveway when you get home. I expect Livy and the boys will have made a big WELCOME HOME sign. It will be a grand event! May God enfold you with strength and wisdom as you tackle the adjustment to full-time care. We will be there in spirit.
    Love to all of you.

  15. It’s been a while since Rudy’s Beat made me cry — this morning they were tears of joy and gratitude. Look forward to meeting Rudy in person!

  16. Rudy will do great at home with his Nurse Mommy and Nurse Daddy taking care of him. Not to mention all of the wonderful nurse assistants you have in Wilson, Max and Olivia. But, more important will be the “Great Physician” watching over and guiding you all. Don’t ya just love Him?! Love, Cousin Dianna

  17. Holy Cow Batman!!! What a super hero we have here. Im crying for joy!! I am soooooo excited. I am so looking forward to having Rudy home. I am looking forward to holding him and styling that hair. I think a makover for Trish and a hair style for Mr. Rudy. I love you guys and am waiting to hear the go ahead for pizza night!! xoxoxoxox Go Rudy Go!!!

  18. Really, really bummed that I am limited to reading about all this and experiencing it from afar…..Oh how much fun to be a part of the crowd that will be cheering Rudy on as he leaves the hospital and arrives home in Goleta!! Enjoy Geylings!!

  19. I’ve never been so excited to see an elevator ride!! Go Rudy Go!

    PS. Between the brilliant contraption and the most adorable baby model ever, I’m thinking the PRS could be as big as the Snuggie!

  20. I am so excited for all of you. You will continue to be our prayers during this time of transition. Blessings.
    -Lori (on behalf of all the Reardons)

  21. I have been a little out of touch the past 5 days with 20 of my family members here celebrating my mother’s 94th birthday. I read your blog for the past 2-3 days and was amazed at that wonderful progress that you and Rudy have made. WHAT an answer to prayer!! I will be praying for continued progress and a smooth transition HOME!

  22. Yeah for Rudy!!!
    i can not believe Rudys going home!
    how old is he?
    what color eyes does he have?

    love jessie!!!!

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