Floor Status

Busy, busy, busy…training and practice continue as Rudy keeps working on his feeds. His status was upgraded to “floor status” in the ICU which means the nurses check his vitals every few hours instead of every hour and leave most of the treatment care up to me (and Rolf when he comes over the weekend). Yet another step toward home…please pray he doesn’t spike any last minute fevers or develop any last minute infections. Rudy has one more day left on his antibiotics…when he finishes the cycle, they’ll be able to pull his subclavian line (the last line to go) and all other meds will be transitioned to oral doses. I’m praying an infection doesn’t pop up once he is off the antibiotics. He took a bottle for three of his feeds today…the rest were through his g-tube. Right now it takes him about an hour to finish a feeding…the team would like to get it down to 30 minutes ultimately. It’ll take a while for Rudy to learn to eat that quick – it’s an issue of conditioning at this point. So, there will be quite a bit of work to do at home to help Rudy reach many goals…gotta get to work on that “master list” of “to dos”. Old habits die hard!

7 thoughts on “Floor Status

  1. I loved the pictures on your blog…they made me get all warm and fuzzy. The kids are so sweet and that little interview Max did with Rudy, oh, it was adorable! You are the RIGHT and PERFECT family for dear little Rudy to be born into. I sure love you guys! Keep it up Rudy, praying for no infections! Talk to you soon Trish!

  2. Rudy, all I can say is that your blessed with a very organized momma….and I hear your Dad can keep ducks in a row too!

    I’m sure your loving the taste of those bottles….yum yum!!!

    LOVED the outdoor picture!!! The fam!

  3. Great news Rudy. Hope you get outside again soon too. I loved the photos of you all together and in the sunshine too.
    Prayers, hugs and kisses as always.

  4. I suspect your organizational skills will carry you through very nicely!! And we will still be there praying for all of you!!

  5. There are so many people who would love to sit with Rudy and feed him for an hour! You have an army of people hoping they get a chance to serve you, Rudy and your family. Can I ask a question? What about the Trech? How long will he have it and what exactly does it do now? Rudy’s progress makes my day! xxooR

  6. Rolf and Trish, I just got updated on the blog and Rudy is SOO precious! He is adorable and I am so excited you will get to be discharged soon and all be together.. Love, Tatum/Daniel

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