“Good Day, Sunshine”!

TheFour Muskateers
TheFour Muskateers

Today was a great day…one of the only crisis-free visits we’ve had with Rudy and all the children together.  There was no need to usher the kids out of the room because of an “episode”, no frank talks with Drs that left me wiping away tears so the kids wouldn’t see, no family meal in the cafeteria with Rolf and I sitting catatonic…

The kids and I got an early start from home and made it to UCLA at 10am.  We found Rudy in Daddy’s lap just hanging out.  Max quickly took Dad’s spot and held Rudy for a little bit and then all the children accompanied Dad to his CPR training.  Like a good Girl Scout, Olivia was able to answer a number of Nurse Katie’s questions because of her “First Aid” training at a Brownie Troop Meeting this year!  I tried to nurse Rudy while they were all out of the room but he wasn’t too interested so I ended up pumping and giving him a bottle.  When everyone returned, we packed up the red wagon full of Rudy and his gear and headed to the peds patio…making sure we paraded through the CTICU on our way.  It was a beautiful, sunny, breezy day here in L.A. and Rudy’s very first venture outside was a special one with everyone in tow.  True to Rudy’s norm, he was asleep for a good big of this momentous occasion but woke up towards the end…

The very first sun to hit Rudy's face!
The very first sun to hit Rudy's face!

Check out Rudy’s first experience with a little breeze on his face and siblings playing in the background:

Take a look at Rudy’s entourage:


When we returned to Rudy’s room, Rolf and I had a few more “home care” lessons and the kids entertained themselves for a good bit conducting a teddy bear health clinic…

Nurse Olivia
Nurse Olivia
Procedure in progress
Procedure in progress



Drs. Geyling
Drs. Geyling







Wilson got his turn to hold Rudy for a bit and before we knew it the afternoon was gone and it was time to drop the kids off at dear friends’ for a couple of days of spring break fun!!  Understandably, Rudy was pretty wiped out and had a good nap while we packed up to go.  Rolf dropped me off back at the hospital around 9:30pm, said another goodbye to Rudy, and then headed home to Santa Barbara…I’ll stay with Rudy until Wednesday, pick up the kids and we’ll all head home as well to spend the last half of spring break at home – celebrating Wilson’s 12th birthday and making more preparations for Rudy’s homecoming.  It was a whirlwind day full of excitement and adrenaline…I think it was quite encouraging for the children to see Rudy doing well and to hear the nurses and docs talk about his discharge.  It’s starting to sink in for all of us  -Amazing!


22 thoughts on ““Good Day, Sunshine”!

  1. It is amazing! I am sure that yesterday will be a day that your family will never forget. So so happy for your family! Looking forward to more positive updates. We will keep the prayers coming. 🙂

  2. love those pictures, thanks for sharing…….remember those wagons, never enough of them, we donated one to Boston Childrens Hospital……..they are a blessing……..put to good use………….peaace, Dawn’s Mom

  3. Love the family picture! Those wagons are great to get out of the four walls that hold these guys captive for a while! It’s such an adventure just to leave the room to go somewhere other than x-ray! Glad to see so many sunshiny faces.

    Continued prayers from all of us in CT…as I see my CT club is above me!

  4. The best family picture yet!!!!
    We continue the pray for a speedy trip out of UCLA soon!!!
    Drink up the milk Rudy and breath deeply.
    Bussi Oam + opa

  5. It sounds like a great adventure! Hope you can get some more! Maybe some sunshine by the pool at home soon!

  6. WooHoo! What an encouraging post! Great to see everyone together and having a fun time! God is good!

  7. Want an awesome day you guys had. What beautiful photos of you all. It makes me teary-eyed to see. Answered prayer. Yeah, Rudy!

  8. Wow! those pictures stir the heart! An outside picutre of the whole family!!! Miracle of miracles! Yay God!

    You all look so happy. There are great days ahead!

    We pray for Rudy every day….our little hero!

  9. Love it, love it! What a special day with family and all smiles. Rudy you look G R E A T! (That to be said like Tony the Tiger.) Rudy how special was that getting to feel the breeze, the sun on you face and hearing sounds from your great brothers and sister? You will join them someday with laughter. What fun. God is so good….all the time. Love Cousin Dianna

  10. Great News from a Great day. Hope all your days are like that soon. Praying for even more progress.
    Hugs and Kisses.

  11. Well, that story brought tears to my eyes. What wonderful family pictures and what wonderful family fun! I am grateful for so many prayers answered and I pray that things will go smoothly this week for all of you.

  12. Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic!!!!!!! I love to see the happiness in all your faces. We are rejoicing right along with you. Love to you all.

  13. Rudy’s homecoming!! Wow! What a journey and how great our God is and has been throughout it. These pictures are just too beautiful for words!!

    Enjoy every second!!


  14. What a lovely family. I’m so glad y’all got to share this special day together. May there be many more to come!

  15. Great for Rudy…and everyone. Hard to believe Willi-dog is going to be 12!! Great for him too…tell him Happy Birthday!!

    Will keep the prayer coming….look forward to seeing you all in October!!

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