Time for Milk!

Trish just called with an update so I’m putting up a quick post.  Rudy has been at full feeds (30cc) since 3am and everything continues to go well.  So, in the next hour they are going to switch him over to breast milk.  We know now that his stomache can process at the volume it needs to, now we need to know if it can process fats without there being any chylous fluid coming out of his lymph system.  The JP drain is still in, but probably won’t last much longer, so the plan is to start milk in the next hour and see what comes out of the drain–please pray for NOTHING!

13 thoughts on “Time for Milk!

  1. Great news so far. Keep going Rudy, you are going to make it son. Grandpa knows a fighter when he sees one and I see one in my grandson. I am fighting right along with you and we will both make it. I love you. GPD P.S. Give a big smile to Mom and Dad

  2. All this news is so exciting…if I have butterflies in my stomach here, I can only imagine how you all are feeling in CA!! Keep the forward motion!

    Continued prayers from CT

  3. This is so awesome….I heard he grabbed the bottle and was going to town…LOL!!! God is so very very good. Love you Trish

  4. What an exciting time for you two and the whole team! I’ll bet he really goes for Mommy’s GOLD! My prayers are with you for continued progress.

    What a funny expression-and man, what a case of bed hair!

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