Progress Continues…

     Sorry for the delay in getting an update out…’hope it wasn’t cause for worry to our faithful “Beat” readers!  🙂  I ended up holding Rudy last night after a late dinner until 1:30am so my usual evening post got sidelined.  I’ll be sure to post a longer update later this evening but, for now, I’m encouraged to report that Rudy continues to move forward! 

     He did great with his 18 hour trach collar sprint yesterday so the order for today is 20 hours…Nurse Practitioner Anita said yesterday that once he is weaned off the ventilator they’ll want to watch him for a few days (possibly a week) before sending him home – we’re getting very close to that 24 hour goal so the next several days will be key in terms of determining whether or not he’s ready to be off the vent completely…you may recall that he made it 5 days off the vent before but he definitely looks like a different baby this time around…not labored in his breathing at all.  We’re encouraged.

     His feeds are going well too!  Rudy is now up to 26ccs/hr and our goal is to get him to 30ccs by tomorrow afternoon.  Once he hits 30ccs/hr, then we will introduce my breastmilk again.  If he tolerates the full-strength breastmilk and there is no drainage output, then the drainage tube will be removed sometime this week.  Please pray for this specifically…that Rudy’s body will respond well to breastmilk and soak it up like a sponge!!!  This, too, will be a key turning point for Rudy.  We’re scheduled to take a trip to Radiology (hopefully sometime today) for a swallow test.  We need the test done before Rudy and I can begin non-nutritive suckling therapy…it’s something OT helps us with initially and then I can do it with the help of our nurses but it’s basically a process where I pump myself empty and introduce him to the breast.  He’s not ready to take in milk orally yet but if we can teach him how to latch on now then he’ll be ready to go when the time comes…again, though, this all depends on wheather or not his body will absorb breastmilk so there is alot emotionally riding on the next couple of days for me. 

     So, hang tight…I’ll let you what comes of this swallow test later today!  Big hugs from Rudy’s room…

15 thoughts on “Progress Continues…

  1. This is so exciting! Praise God! We will pray specialty for each item you have mentioned. Go Rudy go! Love, Cousin Dianna

  2. So glad to hear all the encouraging news – Go Rudy!!! I’m so happy that you’ve had some continued days of progress. Sounds like Rudy’s had enough of the hospital – he must have heard all of you talking about a long awaited elevator ride with his name all over it!

  3. Your post conveys alot of positive momentum. I”ll be praying that everything keeps moving forward. Very exciting!! Much love from Kansas!!

  4. Oh Friend, the news is so sweet today. I’m praying for you guys. I’ll have to plan another visit REALLY soon, you might be too far away for a quick visit eh? Love you and give Rudy and Seamus a kiss for me.

  5. What awesome news! We are praying for Rudy! that he continues to grow strength, and especially that he will adapt to Mama’s Milk! We will add to the prayers the items around specifically him learning to latch on so eventually he can be feed without tubes!

  6. Every step closer to no hospital is so exciting! Your joys are certainly being felt by many hearts, and we look forward to hearing about many more!

    Prayers from CT!

  7. yes, began to worry…..but…….what a way to spend your time,holding Rudy is #1…….hope each day gets better……prayers, Dawn’s Mom

  8. Praise the Lord for the encouraging news…and…for the news!!! I think we look in on Rudy and y’all about 3 times a day and was glad to see the post! We are praying, praying, praying!!! Hugs
    Tom & Jeannine

  9. GO RUDY!! Wow!!!! This is the BEST news!! A 20 hour sprint! Wow!!! SO exciting!! It just sounds like Rudy is getting so much stronger. Can you imagine going without real “food” for all this time! No wonder he was kind of weak!!

    Hugs to you, Trish! You must be feeling so encouraged! We are all praying and sending love.

    Looking forward to the big update tomorrow!

    Much Love!!

  10. Yeah… so happy to hear the continued progress! We are so happy for you and Rudy to have such good reports!

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