No Big Gulps Today!

I don’t have much to report this evening as the swallow test was rescheduled for tomorrow at 11am.  ‘A little disappointing only because I’ve been waiting soooo long to get going on this non-nutritive therapy but it’s not a big deal to wait another day.  What this means, though, is that they are going to keep Rudy at his current setting of 27 ccs/hr, they’ll have to stop his feeds tomorrow morning before the swallow test, and then we’ll pick up on the feeds at 27ccs/hr again after the test…we may not get to 30ccs tomorrow afterall but, again, hopefully it will be a short wait.  3-24-5

Other than the disappointment of the short delay on the swallow test, today was uneventful.  RT Oscar was assigned Rudy today which was fun as we hadn’t seen him in a few weeks.  Nurse Sandy made me laugh out loud when she came back after lunch sporting a gorgeous 3 diamond ring a little freaked-out…it belonged to another nurse friend of hers and Sandy tried it on for fun while they ate lunch together.  Her friend suddenly got paged to go down to the OR and left in a hurry WITHOUT her ring!!!  Nurse Sandy was so nervous she was going to lose her friends ring she ended up taping it to her finger…what a hoot!!!!  The ring was returned at the end of the shift and Sandy was definitely relieved!! 🙂

Nurse Sandy's new acquisition!
Nurse Sandy's new acquisition!
Rudy had a great day off the vent and will continue his sprint until 2am.  He slept a good bit and had a long stretch on my lap…a nice day!
Lap time
Lap time

13 thoughts on “No Big Gulps Today!

  1. What a great picture of you two. Keep up the good work Rudy….you are doing great! Still praying for you all the time.

  2. Rudy’s coloring looks great………keep on that smoothe road……….stay off the bumps…..peace, Dawn’s Mom

  3. Keep up the good breathing and digesting, Rudy! Can’t wait to add “suckling” to the encouragement list!!

  4. Rudy is definitely growing up! I will pray that the swallow test goes as scheduled so that you can begin your own “sucking test” with him. Good luck and may God bless both of you today!

  5. It does our heart good to see Rudy in your arms Trish. He is so precious. We pray he will continue his great progress. Good, strong breathing, more cc’s of formula AND soon “liquid gold”. Love, Dianna

  6. Your smile, in the midst of this pain for a wee one, blesses me a ton. I continue to pray every time I am offered something sweet to eat. What a gift it has been to have God bring you to mind many times a day. We have a new grandbaby girl and I pray for sweet Rudy when I pray for Fia. Rudy is right there in the middle of life. xxooR

  7. Trish, Rolf, Rudy (and the whole family):

    Hello from Kuala Lumpur! Jim (from Trish’s UWP cast) here sending you love and light from half way around the world. I got the amazing opportunity to join a two-week cruise in Asia, to help a friend who will be a guest lecturer. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, and Dubai!

    Wanted to let you know that your comfort and healing will be on my mind and in my heart these two weeks. We’ll get to visit many spiritual places (Muslim Mosques, Buddist and Taoist temples, Hinud shrines, churches…and of course Nature at her finest at sea and on land) – so I will lift you all up in thought at prayer at each of these stops.

    I am actualy writing this TOMORROW, due to the international date line, so here is knowing you can make it throught today!

    With thoughts of peace,

    Jim Williams

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